Minutes, ACAS CONFERENCE CALL - December 5, 1979

by Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
December 1979
1 page
Type: Meeting Minutes
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents:  Next annual meeting • Resolutions • a) Zimbabwe • b) Export controls • c) Polisario • d) Letter of Americans in Tanzania • 3) Report of Research Committee • Present were: I. Wallerstein, Chris Root, Ann Seidman, Dave Wiley, Anne Schneller. Carol Thompson will be asked by Wiley to write newsletter article, treating issue broadly. Wiley will inform Goler Butcher of our sentiments about the need for increased U.S. aid to Zambia and Tanzania. Planning for the conference on TNC's at Clark is progressing well; results will be published in July issue of the Journal of Southern African Affairs. A set of papers on media reaction to southern African questions is being compiled; Noam Chomsky is involved; South End Press may publish. The California Conference on energy, to be arranged by Yansane, is still going forward, with some delay. Wallerstein discussed communication with Josh Nessen about the dissolution of the Catalyst Project. Ann Seidman volunteered to make preliminary contact with the Haymarket Fund regarding a grant for a Secretariat. The minutes discuss the State Department, TransAfrica, the Washington Office on Africa, ACOA (American Committee on Africa), Willard Johnson, Bill Minter, Bob Cumming, and Cyrus Vance.
Used by permission of several co-chairs of the Association of Concerned Africa Scholars.
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers