[The enclosed Legislative Watch calls for your immediate action with regard to U.S. policy concerning Angola.]

by Willard R. Johnson, TransAfrica Boston Chapter
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Apparently November 1989
Publisher: TransAfrica Boston Chapter
2 pages
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: Angola, Namibia, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English

The mailing asks people to write to Senator Claiborne Pell and Congressman Dante Fascell about Namibia and provides a suggested letter and talking points in the Legislative Watch. Please be ready to send protesting calls and letters if there are abuses in the current elections there. Please also write to State Senator Patricia McGovern to urge support for the selective purchase bill.  People are invited to monthly Board of Directors meetings; substantive issue are discussed during the first hour. The December 6 meeting will review the Namibian elections. Also, a representative from SWAPO will make a presentation about Namibia at a meeting on December 14. The mailing also mentions H.ConRes 203, U.S. relations with Angola, UNITA, human rights violations, H6205, State Purchasing Agent R. Murphy, and the struggle against apartheid.

Used by permission of a former member of TransAfrica Boston Chapter.
Collection: Private collection of Willard Johnson