[What a happy and proud time this is regarding South Africa, although many dangers still lie ahead.]

by Willard R. Johnson, TransAfrica Boston Chapter
Boston, Massachusetts, United States
February 9, 1990
2 pages
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: South Africa, Eritrea
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Haiti
Language: English
Mailing to supporters of TransAfrica in Boston about upcoming events and updates. Patrick Lekota, Publicity Secretary of the United Democratic Front (UDF) of South Africa, recently made several inspiring presentations in the Boston area. He called for maintaing international pressures on the South African economy until it is clear that full and genuine democracy will be the OUTCOME of negotiations. Even if all the preconditions demanded by Nelson Mandela are met, that would only allow the negotiations process to get started. Without international pressures, the popular forces would be at a severe disadvantage, given the continued capacity of the government, including its police and army. Letters to President Bush are needed calling for maintaining sanctions until democracy has been fully WON. Dr. Marc Proux spoke about events and trends in Haiti at the TransAfrica Boston Chapter’s meeting in February. On February 15, Professor Alex Dupay, of Wesleyan University, will speak on "The struggle for Democracy in Haiti" at the Trotter Institute of the Univ. of Mass. Boston (Columbia Point). The national TransAfrica weekend will be June 1-2 in Washington. Chapter meetings are the first Wednesday of each month at the Tubman House. On March 7, Tesfay Aradom of the Eritrean Liberation Committee will speak about the present situation in that liberation struggle.
Used by permission of a former member of TransAfrica Boston Chapter.
Collection: Private collection of Willard Johnson