[Dear Friends, The next meeting of our group is on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7 at 7 : 30 …]

by Chris Root, Committee for a Free South Africa
Washington, DC, United States
October 31, 1983
1 page
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Central America, Grenada
Language: English
The mailing says one of agenda items for this meeting with be a possible trip to Washington, D.C. by a woman from the SWAPO youth league and a man from the ANC youth league during the week after Thanksgiving; we are talking with SASP and the local TransAfrica chapter and others about putting together a worthwhile program for community outreach for these people. The mailing says we will hear about the possible availability of several entertainers (eg Gil Scott Heron and Dick Gregory) and also a South African play, "For Better Not for Worse." The mailing says we began these discussions at our last meeting, along with an evaluation of the demonstration at the South African business conference; the banner and educational leaflet got rave reviews; we could have done more with media outreach given a bit more time, particularly with personal contact with TV stations and the Washington Post and South African press; we also would have benefitted from more telephone outreach following up on the leaflet mailing. The mailing says CFSA decided to endorse the November 12 demonstration on Central America and Grenada and to help in what ways we can to build for that event; Roger Walke gave rave reviews for the Wallflower Order dance group giving a benefit performance for the demo, which will be on the event of November 4; call Rick Clemmons to help build for November 12. The mailing discusses fundraising activities for the ANC (African National Congress), Bill Minter, SASP (Southern Africa Support Project), and the South West African People's Organization (SWAPO).

Used by permission of former members of the Committee for a Free South Africa.

Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers