STOP the U.S. SOUTH AFRICA Davis Cup Tennis Tournament

by Committee to Stop the U.S.-South Africa Tennis Match
Los Angeles, California, United States
About early April 1977
2 pages
Type: Leaflet
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Leaflet advertising a peaceful demonstration on Saturday, April 16 and pickets on Friday, April 15 and 17 at the Newport Beach Tennis Club. The leaflet says the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and many other nations have called for a world-wide boycott of all South African events; sports are used to brighten the image of the white minority apartheid regime in South Africa; join us in demanding that the U.S. government and the Lawn Tennis Association call a halt to the Davis Cup. The leaflet asks and answers four questions 1) Why are South African sports segregated? 2) Why is South Africa segregated? 3) Why is the U.S. welcoming a team from South Africa? and 4) Why demonstrate against a tennis match? The leaflet says apartheid--or strict racial segregation--has been the official policy of the white South African ruling class since 1948. The leaflet says not just in sports; but in schools, housing, jobs, restaurants, theaters, and all areas of life. The leaflet says South African Blacks cannot vote, cannot join trade unions, cannot own property in the cities, do not even have a right to live in the cities and must carry passes at all times; they are aliens in their own country; when they resist, as students and workers did last year, they are shot down; over 2,000 peaceful demonstrators were killed last year; apartheid is maintained by the police, spies, arrest without trial, torture and open terror against Blacks. The leaflet says the 3.5 million whites are the upper and middle classes of South Africa, the 21 million Blacks and Asians are the working class; through total segregation and total oppression, this working class is kept unorganized and super-exploited; wages of Blacks living in Soweto, just outside Johannesburg, average $25-$30 per month; wages of whites in Johannesburg average $700-$800 per  month. The leaflet says South Africa is part of the U.S. Economy; U.S. firms are the main prop and the main beneficiary of South Africa’s system; more than 1.8 billion of U.S. capital is invested in South Africa, with an annual return of 20% as opposed to 3-4% in the U.S.; the South African army has many links to NATO and the U.S. defense establishment; together, this alliance controls the vital route from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean--and to the major oil supplies of the world; the CIA co-operation with the South African secret police has been convincingly documented by ex-CIA agent Phillip Agee and the European press. The leaflet says in South Africa sports is politics--a "good-will" gimmick to sell South Africa as a profitable investment; this is the official government tennis team, approved by the Minister of Sport, chosen at segregated matches and sent here to convince us that South Africa is a happy, peaceful., sports-loving country--and a good investment; progressive people all over the world have shown their disgust against what South Africa represents by refusing to play this public relations game; sports matches have been stopped in Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, England, India and all over the third world. The leaflet discusses Henry Kissinger and Andrew Young.
Used by permission of Robert Edgar, a former member of the Committee to Stop the U.S.-South Africa Tennis Match. 
Collection: Private collection of Robert Edgar