Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of South African Women's Day

Washington, DC, United States
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Leaflet advertising a cultural evening tribute to the women of the African National Congress on Saturday, August 9 at Calvary United Methodist Church. The event includes a South African feast, Itumeleng Mokate ANC, the film "Mandela" (featuring Winnie Mandela interview). African Heritage Gum Boot Dancers, Luci Murphy, All People’s Singers, and messages of support. The leaflet says all proceeds go to the ANC and the Dora Tamana Childcare Center Campaign, a material aid project sponsored by the Alliance Against Women's Oppression. The Childcare Center - in Lusaka, Zambia - is operated by the ANC Women's Section. The leaflet says Women's Committee Participants: Tania Abdulahad, Alliance Against Women's Oppression DC, Aida Burela, DC Latin-Caribbean Rainbow, Ruth Gordon, Barbara Harmel, Dorothy R. Healey, International Council of African Women, Kemba Maish, Luci Murphy, National Conference of Black Lawyers, Northern Virginians Against Apartheid, Paul Robeson Friendship Society, Southern Africa Support Project, Student Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism, Upfront Newspaper, U.S. Out of Southern Africa Network/ APC, Lisa Wheaton, Women for Racial and Economic Equality.
Collection: William Minter Southern Africa Papers