by African Agenda, National Anti-Imperialist Movement In Solidarity With African Liberation
Chicago, Illinois, United States
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The press release says African Liberation Day is a vital date in the history of mankind. African Liberation Day started with the founding of the Organization of African Unity, May 25, 1963; the Organization of African Unity is composed of the 49 independent African States with the exception of Rhodesia and South Africa; the OAU, as it is called, was born in the spirit of continent-wide unity to fight colonialism, racism, militarism and economic exploitation on the African Continent, May 25th is celebrated throughout the total African Continent; while the main struggle is against the racist, fascist minority regimes of Rhodesia and South Africa, African Liberation Day is also a day to highlight the mobilization against the Zionist aggression of the Israeli Government against the Northern African States. The press release says African Liberation Day, 1976, is of singular importance to the world today; history has so shaped events that the so called "dark continent" Africa has now come to be the center of world attention; the struggle for peace and justice in the world as a whole is being shaped by the struggle for peace and justice on the African Continent; we owe the freedom fighters of South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, The Cape Verde Islands, Namibia and Zimbabwe, a great debt; the freedom fighters and the whole Organization of African Unity, through their militant struggles has given to the world and the people of America in particular an opportunity to strike the death blow to the triple evils of racism, militarism and economic exploitation. The press release says the triple evils of racism, militarism and economic exploitation plague America as well as Africa; African Liberation Day, May 25. 1976, is central to the demands for world justice; let us here in America stand up for the liberation and freedom of the peoples of Africa and the peoples of African descent the world over; the Liberation of Africa is our fight! The press release is signed by Ronelle Mustin, Chairman, the Chicago & Illinois Chapter of the National Anti-Imperialist Movement in Solidarity With African Liberation; and Harold Rogers, Editor AFRICAN AGENDA.
Collection: Helen Hopps papers