by International Campaign Against Racism in Sport, Pre-Alumni Association of Meharry Medical College
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
March 1978
2 pages
Type: Report
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
List of members of the International Advisory Committee to End Apartheid Sport (IACEAS), included in packet of the Conference on International Sport, Politics, Racism and Apartheid. Members are: LESLIE O. HARRIMAN - Ambassador to the UN (Nigeria); Chairman of UN Special Committee Against Apartheid (Honorary Chairperson of IACEAS), DENNIS BRUTUS - President of SAN ROC - South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee (Chairperson of the IACEAS), DAVID ACOUAH Chairman, Ghana National Committee Against Apartheid, KADAR ASMAL - Chairman, Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement, A. AZIZ - Member of Parliament; Secretary General of the Afro Asian Solidarity Association of Sri Lanka, JULIAN BOND - Senator, Georgia State Senate, NEVILLE CURTIS - Chairman, Campaign Against Racial Exploitation (CARE) Australia, OYSTEIN GUDIM - Secretary, Norwegian Council for Southern Africa, PETER HAIN - British Anti-Apartheid Movement, A. KUSUHARA - Chairman, Japanese Anti-Apartheid Movement, MICHAEL G. LAW - Chairman, Halt All Racists Tours (HART) New Zealand, MIKKO LOHIKOSKI - Finnish Africa Committee, JERZY MARKIEWICZ - Polish Solidarity Committee with Peoples of Asia & Africa, ELIZABETH MATHIOT - French Committee Against Apartheid, ABDUL MINTY - Chairman, British Anti-Apartheid Movement, IAN MITCHELL - President, Citizens' Association for Racial Equality (CARE) New Zealand, MANUELA MOUNIR - Chairperson, Swiss Anti-Apartheid Movement, ABRAHAM ORDIA - President, Supreme Council for Sport in Africa, LABAN OYAKA - Organization of African Unity, Liberation Committee, PERCY SUTTON - President, Borough of Manhattan, and RICHARD LAPCHICK - ARENA, the Institute for Sport and Social Analysis (Coordinator of the IACEAS).
Collection: Private collection of Robert Edgar