A Case for Disengagement by Two noted Americans

by Council for Christian Social Action, United Church of Christ
with George M. Houser, Arthur J. Goldberg, Colin Legum
New York, New York, United States
February 24, 1972
Publisher: United Church of Christ
8 pages
Mailing consisting of a cover letter and a pamphlet. The cover letter says the following three articles were originally published in a magazine entitled: "Southern Africa - A Time for Change" prepared as a special edition by the United Methodist Church (1969, Friendship Press). The mailing discusses Rhodesia, United States-South Africa nuclear cooperation, economic ties, the United States sugar quota, the South African arms embargo, missile and space tracking stations, loans and investment by American businessmen and bankers, the South Africa Foundation, James Dines, Charles Engelhard, Rand Mines Ltd., apartheid, labor unions, the mining industry, South West Africa, Africans, the wage structure of American companies, Bantustans, the black labor force, imports, exports, gold, the Industrial Conciliation Act, the Tomlinson Commission, homelands, job reservation, collective bargaining, the Nationalist Party, racial oppression, uranium, chromium, asbestos, diamonds, fish products, affiliates, pass laws, gas, Standard Oil, Mobil Oil, Kaiser Jeep, Henry Ford II, Milton P. Higgins, the Norton Company, the United Party, the Progressive Party, the Export Control Act, Congress, space tracking stations, profits, investments, automobile companies, banking, the Sharpeville shootings, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, First Nation City Bank, Standard Bank, Dillon Read and Company, the American South African Investment Company, South Africa’s Central Bank, the Gulf Oil Company, the Essex Corporation of America, Liberty National Bank, Peter Wood, the Ford Motor Company, the Ford Foundation, military supplies, the United Nations, Portugal, the South African Council of Churches(SACC), South Africa race policies, the Security Council, Portuguese Guinea, "boarder industries", the Central African Federation, Salazar, Wall Street, and capitalism. • A CASE FOR DISENGAGEMENT by Two noted Americans • AMERICAN INVESTMENT BOLSTERS RACISM
Collection: Private collection of Richard Knight