SDS Regional Newsletter

(VOL. 1 Number 7)
by SDS Regional Office
with Ray Dahlberg
San Francisco, California, United States
February 22, 1966
Publisher: Students for a Democratic Society
7 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: SOUTH AFRICA: suggestions • CRUSH APARTHEID • - SDS-LITERATURE LIST • The newsletter article describes a new organizing focus on U.S. support for apartheid South Africa to reach groups such as liberal church groups, unions, political groups and students as the Vietnam War protests wane. The article summarizes South Africa’s policy of apartheid and repression, opposition to it, and the United States failure to stop shipment of military aid, nuclear collaboration, and cooperation on a tracking station in South Africa. The largest financial figure in South Africa is Charles W. Engelhard, chairman of South African Investment Company, a holding company with controlling interests in over 150 companies operating in South Africa, South West Africa, and Rhodesia. The holding company controls the production and/or marketing of all diamonds and much of the gold, copper, lead and uranium ore produced in the world. Engelhard, a power in New Jersey Democratic Party politics and personal friend of Lyndon Johnson, is also a director of the South African Chamber of Mines and the American chairman of the South Africa Foundation. Another leading industrialist is David Rockefeller, a major stockholder in Standard Oil of California, which supplies South Africa with much of its oil. Rockefeller is also President and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Chase Manhattan Bank, which put together a bank consortium to make a low-interest loan to South Africa which saved the country from depression in 1954. Another San Francisco organization with large holdings in South Africa is Crown Zellerbach Paper Company, of Bogaluse fame. The newsletter also mentions Ossewa Brandwag (Ossewabrandwag), Prime Minister Verwoerd, William Maillard, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs’ Subcommittee on Africa, and campuses around the Bay Area. This pamphlet was digitized by The Freedom Archives that provided it to the African Activist Archive Project. [Note: This PDF includes cover, the story on South Africa, and the last two pages; the complete issue is available on The Freedom Archives website.]
Collection: The Freedom Archives