Boycott Shell Bulletin

(No. 10)
by Boycott Shell Campaign
Washington, DC, United States
Undated, early 1988
4 pages
Type: Newsletter
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa
Language: English
Contents: ACTIONS PLANNED MARCH 19-26 • TV Viewers Learn About Boycott • Report from Australia… 'Shell Under Siege' • FUEL FOR THOUGHT • Rep. Wise's Bill Aims To Cut Off Oil • City of Seattle Asks Shell Withdrawal • International Pressure Continues To Build • Shell Leader Shares Vision For Future • Dutch University Takes Back Shell Exec's Award • Teamsters Back Boycott • The Boycott On Video • SHELL BOYCOTT CAMPAIGN MATERIAL • Shell boycott actions during March 19-26 will commemorate the Sharpeville massacre on March 21, 1960, when 69 people were gunned down by South African security police during a peaceful protest against apartheid. Local coalitions will unveil a new series of radio spots featuring well-known entertainers and athletes endorsing the boycott. On a Sunday morning shortly before the Iowa presidential caucuses, a major network affiliate there aired "The American Connection," a half-hour documentary which highlights working Americans telling why they're involved in the Shell boycott. It also was being shown in cities and towns throughout the South, where another round of early primaries was scheduled. Shell Oil Co. commissioned Pagan International to prepare a secret plan for fighting the boycott that recommended ways to sweet talk boycott supporters. H.R. 3317, introduced by U.S. Rep. Bob Wise (D-WV), would impose severe penalties on Shell and other oil companies that do business with South Africa; would require U.S.-based oil companies to divest South African holdings within 12 months; and would prohibit any oil company which refines, stores, transports, or distributes crude or refined petroleum products in South Africa from acquiring new U.S. federal coal, oil, or gas leases. Shell Oil, as a subsidiary of Royal Dutch/Shell, makes heavy use of those federal leases. The mayor and city council of Seattle joined in a resolution Dec. 28 which declared that Shell’s involvement in South Africa and Namibia is “unacceptable." The Boycott Shell campaign has recently expanded to Finland and New Zealand. Holland's prestigious Delft Technical University has withdrawn plans to award an honorary doctoral degree to Royal Dutch/Shell President L.C. van Wachem because of the company's practices in South Africa. Van Wachem is a graduate of Delft. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters has urged its 1.7 million members to participate in the Shell boycott. The newsletter includes excerpts from articles in the Miami Herald, the Birmingham News, the United Paperworkers International Union newspaper, the International Woodworkers of America newspaper, and the Tampa Tribune. The newsletter mentions UAW President Owen Bieber, United Mine Workers (UMWA) President Richard Trumka, the UAW (United Auto Workers), Shell Australia, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, letter-writing campaigns directed at Shell dealers, the African National Congress (ANC), an international conference, Bill Lucy, AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees), Gretchen Eick, the United Church of Christ, Vera Brown, Birmingham, Alabama, and a 9-minute slide show/video, "Stop Apartheid, Boycott Shell." 
Used by permission of the United Mine Workers of America.
Collection: Kathleen M. Devine papers