Toward a Program to End Cultural Collaboration With the Apartheid Regime in South Africa

by Unity in Action
Los Angeles, California, United States
October 10, 1983
4 pages
Type: Brochure
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Brochure produced for an event sponsored by the Media Forum describes Unity in Action as a coalition of organizations formed to give political and, when possible, monetary support to African Freedom Fighters such as the African National Congress (A.N.C.) and the South-West Africa People's Organization (S.W.A.P.O.). Organizations that form the coalition are the Southern Africa Task Force, Southern Africa Support Committee, Patrice Lumumba Coalition, Southern Africa Resource Project, November 29th Coalition, and the Congo Support Committee. Artists and athletes expressing their concern are welcome to participate. The brochure says Unity in Action will not allow attempts by the Reagan administration and other champions of "anti-communism" to obscure the legitimate anti-colonial struggles of the A.N.C. and S.W.A.P.O. as manifestations of East-West conflict. Regularly-scheduled pickets against the South African Consulate and assistance with the divestment campaign continue to require considerable time and energy. Support to the F.L.N.C. in Congo (Zaire) and Grenada continue as major areas of concentration; active solidarity with resistance movements in the Middle East and Central America is also our concern.
Used by permission of Ron Wilkins, former member of Unity in Action.
Collection: Private collection of Ron Wilkins