Church Consultation on the Responsible Use of Money in a Troubled World

by San Francisco Theological Seminary
San Anselmo, California, United States
Undated, early September 1986?
2 pages
Type: Brochure
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: CONTENT • SPEAKERS • FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1986 • SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1. 1986 • REGISTRATION • ACCOMMODATION • LOCATION • CHILDCARE • INFORMATION • PLANNERS • REGISTRATION FORM • Brochure advertising the Church Consultation on the Responsible Use of Money in a Troubled World on October 31 and November 1, 1986. The brochure says the overall goal of this Consultation is to enable participants to make ethically informed decisions regarding the ways we use money; these decisions can either be a powerful witness for Christian mission or they can detract from that mission; we will be examining Biblical, theological and ethical perspectives on investment divestment, reinvestment and responsible spending and banking practices; South Africa will be used as our primary case study. We expect participation by concerned individuals as well as those responsible for church, business and institutional monies. The brochure says speakers are Robert McAfee Brown - Professor Emeritus of Theology and Ethics, Pacific School of Religion; Sydney Brown - Staff, Northern California Interfaith Council on Economic Justice and Work; Walter Davis - Dean and Professor of Social Ethics, San Francisco Theological Seminary; John Harrington - Vice President and Trustee, Working Assets Money Market Fund; Miloanne Hecathom - Divestment Consultant to City of Oakland · and Staff, WITNESS for South Africa; John Lind - Staff, California/Nevada Interfaith Committee on Corporate Responsibility; James Noel - Vice President, Presbyterian Health, Education and Welfare Association; Bill Somplatsky-Jarman - President, Committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investment, Presbyterian Church U.S.A.; and Bill Van Duker - business owner, Kwik Kopy Printing. The program includes REGISTRATION and refreshments; OVERVIEW: Money Over Which We Have Control And How We Use It; WORKSHOP: Economic Literacy - Empowerment For Decision-Making; PANEL: Using Our Faith to Guide Our Economic Decision; PLAY: Economic Choices and South Africa; OVERVIEW: Current Conditions in South Africa; UPDATE: World-Wide Activities in Support of the Struggle for Freedom in South Africa; RECEPTION; REVIEW: Strategies for Responsible Actions; WORKSHOPS; LUNCH; WORSHIP: Sending Forth. Workshops on the brochure include Fiduciary Responsibility and Divestment; Responsible and Alternative Investments; Using Investments to Affect Local Mission; Selective Purchasing as Ethical Action, Small Businesses and Ethical Decisions; and Deciding on Our Next Steps: Counseling With Experts. The brochure says planner of the Consultation are Church in World Committee - San Jose Presbytery, Committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investment – Presbyterian Church U.S.A., California/Nevada Interfaith Committee on Corporate Responsibility, Northern California Interfaith Council on Economic Justice and Work, Students - San Francisco Theological Seminary, and WITNESS for South Africa.
Collection: Miloanne Hecathorn papers