by Southern African Freedom Through Education Foundation
Berkeley, California, United States
January 13, 1989
2 pages

Laney College and the Southern African Freedom Through Education Foundation (SAFTE) announce that two South African and two Namibian refugees will enroll at Laney for Spring semester, 1989. This is the first time that a community college in the U.S. will host a contingent of scholarship recipients from those countries. The students will then transfer to baccalaureate institutions, such as University of California (UC) Berkeley, in their junior year. The program is funded by a collaboration between the New York-based African-American Institute, the United Nations Education and Training Programme for Southern Africa, SAFTE, and Bay Area organizations and individuals. The press release says the two Namibian scholars are coming from Zimbabwe at a critical time in that nation's history. These women are interested in science and medicine. The South African scholars are graduates of SOMAFCO (Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College), a school for refugees in Tanzania administered by the African National Congress (ANC). These two men will pursue degrees in engineering and computer science and are committed to returning to the Frontline States to work with refugees after completion of their degrees. SAFTE anticipates that the presence of these scholars will increase Bay Area interest and activity on South African issues. The press release contact person is Anne Poirier.

Collection: Miloanne Hecathorn papers