Remember Soweto! June 1976

Candlelight Memorial Service
by Southern African Freedom Through Education Foundation
Berkeley, California, United States
June 1987
4 pages
Type: Program
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Program for a Candlelight Memorial Service at Bethlehem Lutheran Church on June 16, 1987. The Order of Worship includes Invocation; Processional of Clergy; Hymn - "Lift Every Voice"; Statement From SAFTE; Liturgical Dance - "Apartheid is Wrong" Nuba Dance Theatre; Roll Call of Martyrs; Sermon - Rev. Cecil Williams; Mother Stone - Freedom Songs; Offering; Additional Comments Rev. Richard M. Wallace; Poetry Reading; Announcement of Solidarity Statements; Excerpts from play - "Voices of Rage"; Benediction; Closing Hymn - "Nkosi Sielel'i Afrika". The program includes the lyrics to the songs Lift Every Voice and Sing and Nkosi Sielel'i Afrika. The Rollcall of South African Martyrs includes: Dr. Fabian Ribeiro, prominent community leader and former detainee, shot by security police at his home along with his wife, December 5, 1986; Mrs. Florence Ribeiro, community activist and sister of the late Pan Africanist leader Robert Sobukwe, shot by security police at her home along with her husband, December 5, 1986; Unborn child, 20-24 weeks, of Bertha Rampa, 18, aborted after Ms. Rampa was assaulted by police during her detention, June, 1986; Jacob Mahlangu, ANC member, shot dead in police vehicle, September 11 , 1986; Mbuylsa Songelwa, 29, former Robben Island prisoner, died in police custody while awaiting trial, September 10, 1986; Peter Nchabeleng, Northern Transvaal United Democratic Front President, died after being sjambokked [whipped] by a police sergeant shortly after he was arrested, April 1986; Jerry Dlamini, one of seven who died in a rock fall at JCI's Randfontein Estates Gold Mine because black workers were being used to drill a dangerous area of the mine instead of using a costly machine, April 15, 1987; Benedict Mashoke, 20, died while in detention at Burgersfort Prison, March 26, 1987; Simon Manda, 20, from the Kwathema township, died in a hospital after being detained for six months, December 1986; Makompo Lucky Kutumela, member of the Media Workers' Association of South Africa and the Azanian Peoples' Organization, died in police custody less than 24 hours after his arrest April 4, 1986; Prudence Mngadi, 11-year-old Durban schoolgirl, died from wounds on her face and chest after being shot by police during a raid at the Bantuvukani School, Lamontville, April 8, 1986; Andries Radltsela, 29, trade unionist, died from head injuries in Baragwanath Hospital after his release from police custody, May 6, 1985; Thabo Mofokeng, student, killed by the Security Forces while on an errand to a shop a few yards from his home, May 1986; Egnea Mbonganl, 18, shot by police while at a demonstration, August 11 , 1985; Elizabeth Khumalo, 16, shot by police while at a demonstration, August 11, 1985; Teto Sara Ralalbe, 3, asphyxiated by teargas while playing in her yard, November 17, 1985; Sipho Mutsi, Student Organizer for the Congress of South African  Students, died in detention, January, 1986; Victoria Mxenge, prominent community leader and lawyer, assassinated by death squad, August 1985; Daniel Mallsela Mothupl, 13, shot by police, February 6, 1986; Esther Madlphoso Masuku, organizer for women's organizations, killed by death squad, March 1986; Trocla Ndlova, 2 months, asphyxiated by tear gas while in her mother's arms, November 21 , 1985. The program discusses country-wide protests against the apartheid system, the ANC (African National Congress), the Azanian Peoples' Organization (AZPO), and the Congress of South African Students (COSAS).
Collection: Miloanne Hecathorn papers