Amnesty in South Africa! Freedom for Nelson Mandela!

by Northern California Ecumenical Council
San Francisco, California, United States
Undated, about mid-1980?
1 page
Type: Petition
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English

The petition says more than 50,000 South Africans of all races have signed petitions calling for the release of Nelson Mandela, head of the banned African National Congress (ANC) and one of the most respected black leaders in South Africa. A recent United Nations resolution, supported by the United States, also calls for his freedom. Mandela, 61, has been imprisoned for the last 16 years for his opposition to apartheid. Most other important black leaders have been imprisoned or forced into exile. If violent confrontation is to be averted, these leaders must be free to negotiate the future of South Africa; such negotiations are essential if the 22 million non-whites are to achieve political rights on a one person-one vote basis. The petition calls upon the South African government to declare a general amnesty and to free Nelson Mandela and these other leaders, and asks the President of the United States to support this call for amnesty.

Collection: Miloanne Hecathorn papers