by Stop Banking on Apartheid
San Francisco, California, United States
Undated, sometime after July 19, 1978
2 pages
Type: Meeting Minutes
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The meeting, held at the Mc Gee Avenue Baptist Church, began with a showing of "Freedom Rising," a slide show prepared in 1977 for the ITT boycott. There has been a largely positive response to the show from church and other organizations in the Oakland Black community; many people are unaware of the extent of oppression and suffering in South Africa, and this basic presentation has aroused much interest. It was agreed that the objectives listed in the $BOA "Statement of Agreement for Individuals and Organizations" (the endorsement sheet) is as an acceptable summary of $BOA's current goals. It was suggested that $BOA adopt a two-level orientation: 1) to institutions, such as churches and labor unions, and 2) to the public at large, since they require different strategies. It was agreed to continue to try to work through existing community organizations. It was suggested that a more formal structure was needed to provide an effective framework for using volunteer energy. The minutes say Miloanne Hecathorn suggested an organization made up of: 1) a core group of people able to make a relatively firm time-commitment, which would function as a collective and take responsibility for $BOA as a whole, handling day-to-day administrative tasks and making major decisions; 2) subsidiary special-interest groups of people interested in working in one area (churches, unions. etc.) and able to make less of a time-commitment (each group would have a representative in the core collective); 3) an advisory group of church/ community/ government leaders, to link $BOA with other institutions and the community at large and to help obtain funding. Three sources of potential income were suggested: public events (such as benefits), mailings, and grants. The July 29 meeting of Northern California anti-apartheid groups was announced; it was agreed that $BOA would endorse AFSC's South African Women's Day to be held August 9 and 13. The minutes mention B of A (Bank of America), a grassroots campaign, Well Fargo Bank, the South African government, $BOA ($top Banking on Apartheid), "clean banks" for individual depositors, paid staff people, the EPI Human Rights Rally, Glide Church, AFSC (American Friends Service Committee), and the $BOA slide-show.
Used by permission of former members of Stop Banking on Apartheid.
Collection: Miloanne Hecathorn papers