by Northern California Interfaith Committee on Corporate Responsibility
San Francisco, California, United States
Undated, spring 1977?
3 pages
Type: Report
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Chile
Language: English
Contents: WHAT IS NC-ICCR? • WHO DOES NC-ICCR REPRESENT? • WHAT ARE THE PRIORITY ISSUES OF NC-ICCR ACTIVITIES? • WHY FOCUS ON BANK OF AMERICA? • WHY ARE WE CONCERNED WITH THE BANK OF AMERICA IN CHILE AND SOUTH AFRICA? • The report says NC-ICCR was formed in 1974 as a project of the Joint Strategy and Action Commission, an agency of urban ministry in Northern California. NC-ICCR is a coalition of about 40 Protestant and Roman Catholic church-related institutional and individual investors and others engaged in monitoring the impact of their corporate investments and bank deposits in terms of social justice issues and criteria. Shareholder leverage is used to address concerns of social and economic justice to corporations and banks with which the church has investments and deposits. The Bank of America is lending money to the repressive regimes of Chile and South Africa. These governments systematically deny the human rights of the countries' people – in Chile, the right of labor to organize, strike and collectively bargain, to form political parties; and in South Africa, the right for full political, legal, social and economic participation by the majority of the people. These loans support, legitimate and strengthen the grip of these repressive regimes. In November, 1976, Bank of America was part of a five-bank consortium which lent $110 million to the South African government. The churches aim to have the Bank examine social and ethical implications of their operations in all parts of the world and call for an end to loans to these particular countries because of the gross abuses of human rights and the contempt which they have earned from the rest of the world. The report says NC-ICCR members include representatives from these Northern California-based church organizations: American Baptist Convention; American Friends Service Committee (AFSC); Archdiocese Council of Catholic Men; Archdiocese of San Francisco Social Justice Commission; Church and World Mission Unit; United Presbyterian Church; California-Nevada United Methodist Conference; California-Nevada United Methodist Women; California Province, Society of the Sacred Heart; California Province, Society of Jesus; Church Divinity School of the Pacific; First Congregational Church, Santa Rosa; Genesis Church and Ecumenical Center; First Unitarian Society of San Francisco; Pacific School of Religion; Sisters of Mercy; Sisters of the Holy Family; Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary; Sisters of the Infant Jesus; Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur; Sisters of the Presentation; Sisters of St. Dominic; St. Lucy's Priory; United Church of Christ, Northern California Conference; Ursaline Provincialate; and Western Dominican Province.
Used by permission of John E. Lind, CANICCOR Research (successor to the Northern California Interfaith Committee on Corporate Responsibility).
Collection: Miloanne Hecathorn papers