ECSA Bulletin

by Episcopal Churchmen for South Africa
New York, New York, United States
December 1970
8 pages
The newsletter reports that the Executive Committee of the World Council of Churches granted $200,000 to 19 organizations struggling for racial justice throughout the world. The Episcopal Church has given the Standing Committee on Social Criteria for Investments power to take action on issues of South African investment. This came after years of examining its responsibilities with its holdings in U.S. firms operating in Southern Africa, which account for one-third of the Church’s $39 million trust fund portfolio. The Committee has singled out seven of these companies that are essential to South Africa's industrial development: Standard Oil of California; Standard Oil of New Jersey; Texaco, Inc.; Firestone Tire and Rubber Company; General Motors Corporation (including General Motors Acceptance Corporation); North America Rockwell Corporation; and Caltex Petroleum (a subsidiary of Texaco and Standard Oil of California). Another focus is Chase Manhattan Bank because the Episcopal Church maintains accounts there and also holds $170,000 of Chase bonds. The newsletter reports the South African Department of Prisons has released its report for 1968-1969. The newsletter reports on the case of Kuaima Riruako, a Namibian who was arrested as a suspected guerrilla, flown to Pretoria, and subjected to interrogation. Eleven months later, the South African police dumped Riruako on an island in the Zambezi River, from which he was rescued by Zambian fishermen. Contents: The Republic of South Africa- The Punitive Record • No Room at the Inn • The Banned and Banished - August 1970 • Inside a South Africa Prison • Invasion of Guinea • You Should Read
Used by permission of former board members of the Episcopal Churchpeople for a Free Southern Africa.
Collection: Private collection of David Wiley and Christine Root