Bank of America Boycott – Timeline / Strategy

by Stop Banking on Apartheid
San Francisco, California, United States
July 10, 1977
1 page
Type: Report
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
This brief strategy document lays out ideas for actions from mid-September 1977 through April 1978. A kick-off could include pickets and support demonstrations to orchestrate large withdrawals of pension or other accounts as well as individual withdrawals. Publicity and plans for media coverage should begin soon. Weekly pickets of branches throughout state will build support in the community for the boycott and will be an opportunity to seek endorsements from churches and community groups. Connecting with Campus Teach-ins being planned, including SBRIPT (the Stanford Committee for a Responsible Investment Policy) and CUAA (Campuses United Against Apartheid) on many U.C. campuses, possibly through workshops as a part of teach-ins on South Africa. A day of community withdrawal and support in mid-February could be used to show connections between the situation in South Africa and in the U.S. Community leaders would be asked to publicly support the boycott, and community and state organizations would withdraw funds from the Bank. Annual Shareholders meeting will be a focus in April, with a large demonstration with community and church speakers. There could be a parallel meeting to show how little the people have to say about the "Peoples Bank," and Civil Disobedience might be considered.

Used by permission of former members of Stop Banking on Apartheid.
Collection: Miloanne Hecathorn papers