[The Africa Resource Center is a publicly-accessible educational institution established four years ago to help demystify the African continent …]

by Africa Resource Center
Oakland, California, United States
Undated, June 1983 or June 1984?
10 pages
This is apparently prepared text of a speech given to the Rotary Club, possibly by Miloanne Hecathorn. The speech says the Africa Resource Center was established four years ago to help demystify the African continent and to accurately portray the diversity, depth and breadth of Africa.  The Center is dedicated to helping the general public comprehend their intimate involvement in the continent--from cultural heritage, to raw materials used in consumer goods (ie. copper and cobalt, gold and diamonds, timber, coffee, fish. . . and oil), to U.S. businesses involved in the development of sovereign nations. The Center encourages people to have an impact on government policy, which often has viewed Africa with a stereotypical perspective and has seen the South African government as its primary ally on the continent. The Center provides speakers and multi-media resources to conferences, community meetings, churches, educational institutions, and to individuals interested in specific topics. It has an extensive library of press clippings, basic and hard to find African books, and over 50 magazines, journals and newspapers which focus on the African continent. The speech goes on to talk about South Africa. The speech discusses public forums, radio programs, relations with local media, coverage of Africa, African music, recipes, biographical information on African leaders, a Speakers Bureau, Pearl Alice Marsh, churches, trade unions, teachers, African countries before they obtained their freedom, the Canadian Mapleleaf, Rhodesia, Mayor Bradley, Mayor Wilson, international trade, transnational corporations, trade delegations to Africa, humanity, and turmoil. Regarding South Africa, it mentions house arrest, the Security Forces, a passbook, an American passport, policemen, white of European heritage, African, Asian Indian, Coloureds, mixed heritage, the migrant labor system, black townships, the Institute of Race Relations, water and communal taps, the legal system, U.S. corporations, Ford, independent black trade unions, the vote, D-Day, the Nazi regime in Germany, World War II (WWII), Afrikaners, fascism, Krugerrands, and gold. • Information Distribution Program • High School Curriculum Assistance Program • Library Resource Project 

Used by permission of Milton Clarke and Walter Turner, former members of the Africa Research Center.
Collection: Miloanne Hecathorn papers