[Dear Friends, A newly formed group of organizations and individuals (see partial listing below) are planning for the November Days of Action on Southern Africa.]

by Pippa Franks, Bay Area Southern Africa Coalition
San Francisco, California, United States
August 31, 1978
Publisher: Bay Area Southern Africa Coalition
1 page
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The newly-formed Bay Area Southern Africa Coalition is planning November Days of Action to include the state-wide effort on November 17 of Stop Banking on Apartheid to leaflet Bank of America branches, followed by a demonstration on November 18. The coalition was formed following a June 18 conference in Pasadena, the purpose foe which was to coordinate and plan ongoing activities on the West coast. The conference was called by Southern Africa Support Committee (Los Angeles), Campuses United Against Apartheid, The Working Committee on Southern Africa (San Diego), and the South Africa Catalyst Project (Palo Alto). Workshops were held on Krugerrands, divestment, material aid, Stop Banking on Apartheid, and labor. Principles of unity were approved that include opposing U. S. economic, political and military intervention in southern Africa; and supporting SWAPO, the Patriotic Front, and liberation forces in South Africa. The mailing mentions Pippa Franks, Chris Gray, union, church, black, community, student organizations, Ben Gurirab, Prexy Nesbitt, Daniel Ellsberg from the Abalone Alliance, C.U.A.A., the National Lawyers Guild, Liberation Support Movement (LSM),  Third World Women's Alliance, Zimbabwe Medical Drive, Z.A.N.U., I.L.H.U., the National Coalition for Southern Africa Liberation, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Internews, Southern Africa Collective, Northern California Alliance, Southern Africa Support Committee, Peoples Cultural Center, and an action committee to convene regional meetings.
Collection: Miloanne Hecathorn papers