by Stop Banking on Apartheid
San Francisco, California, United States
Undated, 1978?
2 pages
Type: Leaflet
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English

The leaflet makes the case against U.S. corporate involvement in South Africa by quoting Steven Biko, Black Consciousness Movement leader; Oliver Tambo, acting President-General of the African National Congress, South Africa; Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (South Africa) Mission to the United Nations; Ambassador Leslie O. Harriman, Chairman, United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid; Subcommittee on African Affairs, Report to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations; Charles B. Rangel, U.S. House of Representatives (D- New York); and George Sheppard, Professor at the University of Denver. The leaflet also offers “REBUTTALS TO ARGUMENTS FOR INVESTING IN SOUTH AFRICA.” Arguments it rebuts include: there are too many problems in the United States to solve; U.S. corporate withdrawal would result in the loss of jobs to African workers and a reduction in their standard of living; U.S. corporate withdrawal would eliminate the opportunity of U.S. corporations to be a progressive and reforming force in South Africa; banks are politically neutral and are simply involved in business transactions when they lend money to South Africa; and U.S. corporations withdraw would simply mean other foreign corporations would expand. The leaflet mentions the African National Congress (ANC), Pan-Africanist Congress (PAC), Vorster, Henry Kissinger, children, Soweto, Guguletu, Mannenburg, oppressed black people, unemployment, hunger, foreign exchange, oil imports, defense, military self-sufficiency, tax credits, Black Americans, the anti-bank loan campaign, institutionalized racism and discrimination in companies at home, profits, the Six Principles, the National Party, Prime Minister P.W. Botha, the income gap between blacks and whites, and the white supremacist government. • WHY SHOULD I BE CONCERNED? • WHY SHOULD CORPORATIONS WITHDRAW FROM SOUTH AFRICA? • WHY SHOULD BANKS STOP LENDING MONEY TO SOUTH AFRICA?

Used by permission of former members of Stop Banking on Apartheid.
Collection: Miloanne Hecathorn papers