by John E. Lind, California/Nevada Interfaith Committee on Corporate Responsibility
San Francisco, California, United States
August 1986
Publisher: California/Nevada Interfaith Committee on Corporate Responsibility
19 pages
Type: Report
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Language: English
Contents:  Summary • Balance on Current Account • Exports (Gold, Diamonds, Platinum, Other Exports) • Sanctions • Imports (Oil, Other Imports) • Balance of Payments Table (Balance of Trade, Other Goods, Services & Income, Receipts (Credit), Payments (Debit), Balance on Current Account) •Long-Term Capital Movements • Basic Balance • Short-Term Capital Movements • Errors and Omissions • Total Change of Reserves • South African Assets in Banks Abroad • Conclusions • Tables: SURPLUS BEFORE UNRECORDED CAPITAL FLIGHT AND SANCTIONS • SURPLUS AFTER CAPITAL FLIGHT AND SANCTIONS • DIAMOND SALES OF CSO • Table 1. EXPORT TABLE • TABLE 2. PROPOSED SANCTIONED EXPORTS OF SOUTH AFRICA • WORLD PRODUCTION OF STRATEGIC COMMODITIES • TABLE 3. IMPORT TABLE • SOUTH AFRICA'S BALANCE OF PAYMENTS: Past and Projected without sanctions in Millions of US Dollars • TABLE 4. SOUTH AFRICAN PAYMENTS FOR SERVICES • TABLE 5. INTEREST ON INDIRECT INVESTMENT • SOUTH AFRICAN ASSETS IN BANKS OUTSIDE SOUTH AFRICA IN THE BIS REPORTING AREA • SURPLUS FOR Q4-1986 WITHOUT UNRECORDED CAPITAL FLIGHT AND SANCTIONS • The report projects South Africa's balance of payments in order to assess what demands foreign creditors can make for the short-term debt owed to them, assuming that South Africa should keep its belt tightened in 1986 and import no more than it did in 1985. Various sanctions are being considered by a number of countries. The effects of the U.S. sanctions are based upon the Senate bill and include sanctions against iron and steel, uranium, textiles and agricultural products. The report mentions Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, coal, international banks, the Central Selling Organization (CSO), De Beers Consolidated Mines, the European Economic Community (EEC), the Commonwealth, the Commodity Research Bureau, the British government, Gerhard de Kock, the Reserve Bank of South Africa, Nordic countries, Denmark, the Shipping Research Bureau of Amsterdam, Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), direct investment, portfolio investment, international bank loans, International Monetary Fund (IMF), LIBOR, Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Federal Republic of Germany, SDR, chromite, the USSR, titanium, vanadium, fruit, and a ban on all imports from South Africa.
Used by permission of John E. Lind, CANICCOR Research.
Collection: Miloanne Hecathorn papers