[The Coalition to Stop Rhodesian Imports, a union of various groups, organizations and individuals in Philadelphia have recently joined in an effort …]

by Coalition to Stop Rhodesian Imports
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Undated, about early February 1974
1 page
Type: Leaflet
Coverage in Africa: Zimbabwe
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The leaflet says the Coalition to Stop Rhodesian Imports has joined in an effort to stop the unloading of ships carrying Rhodesian cargoes by working with similar groups in Baltimore, Norfolk, New Orleans and Charleston, S.C., where work with longshoremen has led to several successes. For example, groups working with longshoremen in Philadelphia and Baltimore forced the African Sun, carrying Rhodesian chrome ore, to return to Mozambique without being unloaded. The United States continues to violate United Nations sanctions against trade with the illegal and racist regime of Ian Smith, making this work essential. The Coalition will continue to point out U.S. government and corporate support of the racism and repression that permeate the white-supremacist society and must continue to insist that the U.S. reverse its Southern African policies to support efforts of self-determination and, specifically, that it re-instates sanctions against Rhodesia. The immediate need is to organize pickets for two ships scheduled to arrive in Philadelphia later this month: the African Sun, carrying asbestos, nickel and chrome is due to dock on February 17, and the African Mercury, carrying asbestos, is expected on February 21. THESE CARGOES MUST BE TURNED BACK. On February 10 at the Friends Meeting House, there will be an educational and strategy session in preparation for the arrival of these two ships. Tapson Mawere of ZAPU (Zimbabwe People's Union) will speak, and a film on the liberation struggle in Southern Africa will be shown. [Note: Tapson Mawere represented ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union), not ZAPU.]
Used by permission of former members of the Coalition to Stop Rhodesian and South African Imports.
Collection: Vincent Klingler papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections