U.N. - 1978: "Anti-Apartheid Year"
by Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee
with Wayne Kamin (Editor), Hal Wylie (Editor), Lynette Brimble, Carolyn Cates Wylie, Dennis Brutus
New York, New York, United States
April 1978
Publisher: The GAR Pub. Co.
32 pages
Contents: 1978 -- ANTI-APARTHEID YEAR • NGUGI DISAPPEARS • Vanderbilt support Apartheid Sports • A NATIONAL ANTI-APARTHEID CONFERENCE • "YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED -- YOU KNOW YOU’RE DOING WRONG!" by Hal Wylie • Conference on International Sport, Politics, Racism and Apartheid by Wayne Kamin • Remember Steve Biko! by Lynette Brimble • BIKO MEMORIAL EVENING by Mario Salas Poems of Prison and Release James Matthews • Resources by Wayne Kamin • PELCULEF. PELANDABA CULTURAL EFFORT • Trading Poet • IN REMEMBRANCE by Dennis Brutus • poems by dennis brutus •Thomas Mann's Death In Dar es Salaam by Stephen H. Arnold • The Language of the Oppressor by Amelia House • SWAHILI PROVERBS: THE NATURE AND VALUE OF PAINFUL EXPERIENCE by Carolyn A. Parker • Poems From Ghana • REVIEW • THE SOCIOPOLITICAL TEACHINGS AND ART OF SHAABAN ROBERT'S Kufikirika and Kusadilika by Don Bobb • UNCLASSIFIED AD Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee • The newsletter includes a review of the book BRITAIN, RHODESIA AND SOUTH AFRICA, 1900-45 THE UNCONSUMMATED UNION by Martin Channock. The newsletter reprints poems including NO MORE STRANGERS by Mongane Serote, extracts from behold, flowers! by Mongane Serote, A TRIBUTE TO STEVE BIKO, SEQUENCE by Dennis Brutus, AFTER THE RAINS by Vincent Odamtten, TRYST by Eugene Opoku-Agyemang, THE GAME by Assibi Bukari, THE INDEX NUMBER by Mary Abena Griffin, MERPEOPLE MANQUE by Baboucarr Sulay Sarr, A DREAMER COME HOME by Eugene Opoku-Agyemang, THERE IS NO SUN HERE by Molefe Pheto, poem for Dennis Brutus by Ellen Mark, TOO LONG by Diallo (Theodore Miles), FOR SOUTH AFRICA by Amelia House, and GRAHAMSTOWN LOCATION by Mary McAnally-Knight. The newsletter mentions Ngugi wa Thiong’o, PETALS OF BLOOD, Ngugi wa Mirii, Mgahika Ndenda, Duma Nokwe, the African National Congress (ANC), the World Conference Against Apartheid in Lagos, the Treason Trial, The Manifesto of the Communist Party, THE RISE OF THE THIRD REICH, Brian Bunting, Dr. Verwoerd, the Central African Federation, Shaaban Robert, J. Spencer Trimingham, Islam in East Africa, University of Cape Coast, and PEN-Club.
Used by permission of Hal Wylie, former editor of THE GAR
Collection: Ruth Brandon Papers