Teach-in Against Apartheid

by Coalition for a Free South Africa, Black Students' Organization, Carribean Students Association
New York, New York, United States
November 1983
4 pages
Program for event includes Registration and Information, Introductory Session, Workshops, Plenary, and Program for a teach-in against apartheid at Columbia University on November 30, 1983. Workshops include "Labor, trade unionism, and Contemporary issues in South Africa," "History of the liberation struggle in South Africa and implications of the new referendum,” "U.S. Corporations in South Africa and the Implications of Divestment," "Informal Discussion about Life in South Africa," "What is Apartheid? - an overview of South Africa’s political system and a discussion of relevant contemporary issues," and "South Africa and its neighbors with a focus on Namibia." Speakers include Prof. Hollis Lynch, Columbia University Professor of African History; Prof. Eric Foner, Columbia Professor of History; David Ndaba, South African exile and representative of the African National Congress (A.N.C.) Observer Mission to the U.N.; Prof. Marcia Wright, director of the Institute of African Studies, Columbia University; Gail Hovey; Dean Leora Netter of Columbia College who grew up in South Africa; Prof. Perezi Kamnanwire, Professor of Black and African Studies at City College; Mr. Vezera Kandetu, Columbia University graduate student from Namibia; and Prexy Nesbitt, former program secretary for the World Council of Churches’ South Africa team and longtime anti-apartheid activist from Chicago, Illinois. The program says each workshop will include a brief presentation on the Divestment Campaign at Columbia and other strategies for opposing Apartheid. [Note: Carribean Students Association should presumably be Caribbean Students Association.]
Used by permission of former members of the Coalition for a Free Southern Africa.