(Vol. 1, No. 2)
by West Coast Division South Africa Defense Fund
with Mary-Louise Hooper (Editor)
San Francisco, California, United States
December 1958
6 pages
Contents: TREASON TRIAL NOT OVER • BACK WHERE THEY STARTED • LAST MINUTE NEWS • ESTIMATED NEED OF THE FUND • BARELY PROTECTION FROM WANT • BANTU EDUCATION • THE PRIME MINISTER • JOHANNESBURG HYMN • ELECTION MESSAGE OF THE AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS TO SOUTH AFRICAN VOTERS from Chief A. J. Lutuli, President-General • A SAD COMMENTARY • AFRIKANER HOOLIGANS ATTACK CHIEF LUTULI • GOD AND APARTHEID (quoted by opinion) • GROUP AREAS • HOUSE SOLD FOR $2.80 • U.N. REBUKES SOUTH AFRICA • "THE SINS OF THE FATHERS" • FIGHTING TALK imagines Dr. Verwoerd speaking • SOUTH AFRICAN LABOR • WAGES • THE PASS LAWS by Moses Kotane • RURAL FACTORIES • WHAT AFRICAN WANT • VERWOER'S SCRAMBLED ETHNIC PROGRAM • DEFENSE FUND NOTES • PASSES FOR AFRICAN WOMEN • The newsletter quotes Dr. Wilson Zamindela Conco, one of the Treason Trail accused. The newsletter discusses the 91 accused in the South Africa Treason Trial, High Treason, the Attorney-General, a new indictment, the Treason Trial Bulletin, Hendrik F. Verwoerd, the African National Congress (ANC), the Durban Group Areas Proclamation, homes, land, Alan Paton, the United Nations General Assembly, the Nationalists (National Party), Ghana Delegate to the U.N. Mr. J.E. Jantuah, Norman Cousins, the Anglican Bishop of Johannesburg, Professor Z.K. Matthews, Fort Hare College, John Knox, Birmingham University, England, a passport, African unions, striking, the gold mines of the Rand, the Masters and Servants Act, the Institute of Race Relations, child-labor, Alex Hepple, the South African Labor Party, the Unemployment Insurance Act, the Christian Action Fund, Canon L. John Collins, Joe Slovo, the Black Sash, the Senior Chief of the Bafurutse, Zeerust, the Freedom Movement, and police.
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