(Vol. 2, No. 3)
by Northern California Committee on Africa
with Mary-Louise Hooper (Editor)
San Francisco, California, United States
October 1962
8 pages
Contents: INDEPENDENCE FOR ALGERIA by Abdel Chanderli • MOROCCAN SKETCH by Eleanor Knight • LONG ROAD TO INDEPENDENCE • MAGHRIB UNITY: DIM PROSPECTS by Dr. Fayez Sayegh • LIBYA by Kathryn Reap • SOUTHERN RHODESIA by Harlan Robinson • THE UNITED ARAB REPUBLIC TODAY by Tahseen M. Basheer • TUNISIA by Mary Louise Hooper • ALGERIAN NEWS BRIEFS • WINDOW ON AFRICA by Elaine Haley • U.S. HELPS AFRICA • BOOK REVIEW by Marye Myers • PROGRESS of ANGOLA CAMPAIGN • ACTION AGAINST APARTHEID • The newsletter includes a review of the book LET MY PEOPLE GO, by Albert John Luthuli. The newsletter discusses the Algerian War for National Liberation, schools, cities, Europeans, a Moslem child, Arabic, the French language, Marrakech, the Franco-Algerian war, U.S. military bases, an earthquake in Agadir, Morocco, the death of Mohammed V, the Casablanca group, Tangier, the Arab League, United Arab Republic (U.A.R., UAR,), the Tangier Conference of April 1958, the Cold War, the coup d’etat in Yemen, the United Kingdom of Libya, the Libyan Development Council, King Idrissel Senussi, the Prime Minister, Sir Edgar Whitehead, Garfield Todd, the white supremacist Dominion Party, the Zimbabwe African People's Union (ZAPU), Joshua Nkomo, the UN Committee of Seventeen on Colonialism, the Land Apportionment Act, the Egyptian Coptic Church, Christian, Al-Azhar University, Arab nationalism, Arab socialism, Algerian Premier Ben Bella, President Kennedy, the Secretary for the Bantu Administration, the Transkei, Ruanda, Dr. George Leroy, hospitals, AFL-CIO President George Meany, Ali Yahia, the Algerian General Workers' Union (UGTA, Union Générale des Travailleurs Algérien),  the New York City Central Labor Council, The American Organization for Rehabilitation Through Training (ORT), Agency for International Development (US AID), Dr. E. V. Svenson, the University of California Extension at Los Angeles, the U.S. National Farmers Union, apartheid, the Nobel Peace Prize, the American Committee on Africa (ACOA), Emergency Relief to Angola (ERA), Dr. Ian Gilchrist, the Congo, and Dahomey.
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