The Southern Africa Media Center 1980: A Project of California Newsreel

by California Newsreel
San Francisco, California, United States
16 pages
Contents:  A Message from the Reverend Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker • What Is the Southern Africa Media Center? • New Films • Activation Kits • Advisory Board • What Do You Do When the Lights Go On? • How to Rent Films • Shipping • Films advertised in the brochure include "Generations of Resistance" produced by Peter Davis, "Six Days in Soweto" produced by Anthony Thomas, "Last Grave at Dumbaza" produced by Nana Mahomo, "Free Namibia!" produced by the United Nations, "Controlling Interest: The World of the Multinational Corporation" produced by California Newsreel, "Namibia: A Case Study in Colonialism" produced by the U.N., "There is No Crisis" produced by Thames TV (Britain), "South Africa: The Rising Tide" produced by Boubakar Adjali, "Angola: The People Have Chosen" produced by Herbert Risz, and "Dr. Martin Luther King From Montgomery to Memphis." The brochure also advertises Investing in Apartheid "Activation Kit" and Photo Exhibit and Audio Cassette. The brochure says the Advisory Board is Harry Belafonte; The Honorable Julian Bond; The Honorable William Booth; Bishop H. Hartford Brookins; Dennis Brutus, Northwestern University; The Honorable Ronald V. Dellums; George Houser, Director, American Committee on Africa; Edward Hawley, Editor, Africa Today; The Reverend M. William Howard, Jr., President, National Council of Churches; Paul Irish, Associate, American Committee on Africa; Robert van Lierop, Filmmaker; Sister Janice McLaughlin, Maryknoll Sisters; Prexy Nesbitt, Program to Combat Racism, World Council of Churches; Randall Robinson, Executive Director, TransAfrica; Belvie Rooks, Associate Director, Third World Fund; Christine Root, Associate, Washington Office on Africa; The Reverend Dr. Kelly Miller Smith, President, National Conference of Black Churchmen; Timothy Smith, Director, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility; Steve Talbot, Journalist; Dr. James Turner, Director, Africana Center, Cornell University; The Reverend Dr. Wyatt Tee Walker, Secretary General, International Freedom Mobilization; and Dr. David Wiley, Director, African Studies, Michigan State University. The brochure quotes Susan Hall, Film Library Quarterly; Bernie Harrison, The Washington Star; Judy Stone, San Francisco Chronicle; William Hockman, Film News; The Observer; Joseph Glemis, Newsday; J. Hoberman, Village Voice; Janice Love, Teaching Political Science; Francis Moore Lappe, author of Food First; and E. S. Reddy, Director, U.N. Centre Against Apartheid. The brochure mentions the Soweto uprisings, Pixley ka Seme, the African National Congress (ANC), European colonial domination of Africa, German settlement, the rebellion of the Namibian nations, the guns of Krupp, Namibian resistance, the South West African People’s Organization (SWAPO),  jail, exile, the South African Minister of Labor, copper, diamonds, uranium, the Native Land Act, Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Robert Sobukwe, the Pan African Congress (PAC), Steve Biko, the Black Consciousness Movement, the African chief Bambata, the hut tax, the Gatling gun, Ossie Davis, fighting, freedom, Portuguese colonialism, MPLA, and the civil rights movement. 
Used by permission of California Newsreel.