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by Bill Clifford, Seattle Labor Committee Against Apartheid
Seattle, Washington, United States
Undated, March 25, 1988?
1 page
Type: Mailing
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
The mailing says there has all ready been some discussion of what SLCAA is trying to do in terms of labor and in terms of the anti-apartheid movement in general; my view is that as unionists we can get our feet into doors that are closed to student- or church-oriented groups. The mailing says I feel we should develop an educational presentation including an attractive fact sheet, a good short video and/or slide show and an up-to-date rap on the 5outh African situation; we should take this presentation to other locals and union groups aggressively and regularly, perhaps each of us aiming to address one local per month; and we would integrate current anti-apartheid tactics (closing the consulate, stopping South African shipping, divestment, the Shell boycott, whatever) into our presentations. The mailing says I know there are those among: us who support Jackson's presidential bid; maybe we should endorse Jackson or maybe we should seek out the apartheid positions of every candidate for national office and distribute the results where they will do the most good. The document discuss CAST (Coalition Against South African Trade) and SCAA (Seattle Coalition Against Apartheid).
Used by permission of former members of the Seattle Labor Committee Against Apartheid.
Collection: Seattle Labor Committee Against Apartheid, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections