No One Can Stop The Rain: Glimpses of Africa's Liberation Struggle

by George M. Houser
with Julius Nyerere
New York, New York, United States
Publisher: The Pilgrim Press
420 pages
Contents: Forward by Julius K. Nyerere • Preface • Acknowledgments • Parties, Movements, and Organizations • Part 1: The Gathering Rain Clouds • Becoming Involved in Africa • Nonviolent Fighters for Freedom • Journey to Africa • Part 2: Winds of Change • Bridging the American-African Gap • Nkrumah, Ghana, and Pan-Africanism • Birth of an Angolan Movement • Tom Mboya and the Kenyan Emergency • Algeria and the National Liberation Front • The Central African Federation: An Ill-Fated Partnership • South Africa's "Colony" • From Treason to Massacre in South Africa • Part 3: Years of Turmoil • The Congo: An African Turning Point • Angola: The Stormy Path Toward Independence • Mozambique: A Dream the Size of Freedom • Guinea-Bissau: "Our People Are Our Mountains" • Zimbabwe: The Making of a Nation • The Struggle for Namibia • South Africa: "No East Walk to Freedom" • Part 4: The Final Conflict • Angola: After the Coup • Mozambique: The FRELIMO Victory • Western Sahara: Struggle in the Desert • Zimbabwe: Winning Independence • South Africa and Namibia: The Final Conflict • "You've Got to Take the Long View" • Notes • Index • Book by the director of the American Committee on Africa from 1954-1981. The book refers to previous names of countries including Southern Rhodesia, French Cameroons, Zaire, Gold Coast, Tanganyika, Northern Rhodesia, and South West Africa. ISBN: 0829807950.
Used by permission of George M. Houser.