Decoding Corporate Camouflage: U.S. Business Support for Apartheid

by Elizabeth Schmidt, Institute for Policy Studies
with Ron Dellums
Washington, DC, United States
Publisher: Institute for Policy Studies
148 pages
Type: Book
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 0897580222 Contents: Foreword • Introduction (The Roots of Apartheid, American Business in South Africa: Change or Obstacle to Change?, Intensification of Government Repression, Polishing the Corporate Image) • Chapter 1 The Sullivan Principles: A Code for Corporate Reform (Monitoring the Sullivan Principles: The Cosmetics of Corporate Change, Decoding Corporate Camouflage, Paying Lip Service to Reform, Moderate Reforms with Limited Scope, "The Sullivan Code Has Failed" - Opposition from Black South Africa, Abiding by the Terms of South African Law, Monitoring the Monitors) • Chapter 2 The Strategic Role of the Sullivan Signatories (The Motor Vehicle Industry, The Computer Industry, The Energy Industry, The Military Apparatus, Bank Loans to South Africa, A Progressive Face for White South Africa) • Chapter 3 Improving on Apartheid: The Semblance of Reform • Afterword: A New Strategy for Apartheid (The Wiehahn Commission, The Riekert Commission, Plugging the Loopholes) • Appendices • Bibliography and Resources [The authors notes that an earlier version of this document was published as "The Sullivan Principles: Decoding Corporate Camouflage," Notes and Documents, no. 4/80, March, 1980, by the United Nations Centre Against Apartheid.]
Used by permission of Elizabeth Schmidt and the Institute for Policy Studies.