Sanctioning Apartheid

with Larry Shore, Mbulelo Mzamane, Roger Riddell, James Cobbe, Jack Parson, Alan Booth, Douglas Anglin, Sanford Wright, David Koistinen, John Lind, Ian Lepper, Peter Robbins, Thomas Conrad, Jaap Woldendorp, Ann Seidman, David Hirschmann, Roger Riddell, Richard Knight, Benjamin Biet-Hallahmi, Gay McDougall, Robert E. Edgar (Editor)
Trenton, New Jersey, United States
Publisher: Africa World Press
452 pages
ISBN: 0865431620 (cloth), 0865431639 (paper). Contents: I. The United States and South Africa Sanctions • Implementation of the Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 by Gay McDougall • The South Africa-Israel Alliance, 1986-1988: Public Relations and Reality by Benjamin Biet-Hallahmi • Sanctions, Disinvestment, and US. Corporations in South Africa by Richard Knight • Impact of Sanctions and Disinvestment in Black South African Attitudes Toward the United States by David Hirschmann • II. Sanctions and the South African Economy • The Impact of New Sanctions Against South Africa by Roger Riddell • Transnational Manufacturing-Finance Links by Ann Seidman • The Oil Embargo Against South Africa: Effects and Loopholes by Jaap Woldendorp • High-Tech Sanctions: More Bark Than "Byte" by Thomas Conrad • Gold and International Sanctions Against South Africa by Peter Robbins and Ian Lepper • Sanctions and Financing South Africa's Trade by John Lind and David Koistinen • Sanctions and South Africa's Strategic Mineral Exports by Sanford Wright • III. Sanctions and Southern Africa • The Frontline States and Sanctions Against South Africa by Douglas Anglin • The Potential for South African Sanctions Busting in Southern Africa: The Case of Botswana by Jack Parson • South African Sanctions Breaking in Southern Africa: The Case of Swaziland by Alan Booth • Sanctions Against South Africa: Lesotho's Role by James Cobbe • Zimbabwe in the Frontline by Roger Riddell • IV. The Cultural Boycott of South Africa • The Cultural Boycott of South Africa (I) by Mbulelo Mzamane • The Cultural Boycott of South Africa (II) by Larry Shore • Contributors • The book discusses the African National Congress (ANC).
Used by permission of Africa World Press.