Dr. Hastings Banda

by American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
Undated, most likely early 1960
3 pages
Type: Report
Coverage in Africa: Malawi
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Typed reprint of a profile of Dr. Hastings Banda that appeared in The Observer (London) on March 8, 1959. When Dr. Hastings K. Banda, the national leader of the Nyasas who has long lived abroad, returned eight months ago, Nyasaland was already in a state of political ferment. From the time that the Nyasaland Protectorate of three million Africans and 8,000 Europeans was obliged to join the Central African Federation against the will of the Africans, instability was predicted. Banda called for a passive resistance movement if the African demands for secession from the Federation and internal self-government were not heeded. The British Government was apparently committed to supporting Sir Roy Welensky's Federal Government in resisting any major change in Nyasaland. The arrest of Dr. Banda and of several hundred leaders of the Nyasaland National Congress is now being justified on the allegation, without evidence, that they were planning a massacre of the Europeans. [Note: This profile was apparent circulated as part of Banda's U.S speaking tour in April 1960.]
Used by permission Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa).
Collection: George M. Houser Africa collection, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections