by Lutheran Council in the U.S.A., The Johnson Foundation, Edward C. May
with Rita Goodman (Editor), Alan Lane Gass (Design), Sean MacBride, George Harkins, Leslie Paffrath
Racine, Wisconsin, United States
July 1976
Publisher: The Johnson Foundation
31 pages
Contents:  INTRODUCTION by Sean MacBride, United Nations Commissioner for Namibia • FOREWORD by The Reverend George Harkins, General Secretary, Lutheran Council in the U.S.A. • FOREWORD by Leslie Paffrath, President, The Johnson Foundation • HISTORICAL SETTING • NAMIBIA AND THE UNITED NATIONS • UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION 385 • CONFERENCE DISCUSSIONS • CREDIBILITY FACTORS • LOOKING AHEAD • PARTICIPANTS • WINGSPREAD CONFERENCE PROGRAM • BIBLIOGRAPHY • The report discusses war, a peaceful solution, Christian churches, oppressors, Bishop Leonard Auala, Pastor Paulus Gowaseb, Prime Minister Vorster, United Nations Council for Namibia, Lutheran Council in the United States, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Court of Justice (ICJ), apartheid, illegal occupation, Johannes Lukas de Vries, the Namib desert, U.N. General Assembly, former League of Nations mandate, U.N. Secretary General, Peter Fraenkel, Deutsche Kolonialbund, German colonial rule, Charles A. James, Rick Sherman, World War I, Hereros, Namas, land, Great Britain, Prime Minister Botha, Smuts, General De Wet, the Orange Free State, Woodrow Wilson, Trusteeship Council of the United Nations, Arthur Goldberg, political prisoners, racially discriminatory and politically repressive laws, Henry Kissinger, self-determination, Export-Import Bank, U.S. corporations operating in Namibia, Department of Commerce, Marine Mammal Protection Act, U.N. Educational and Training Program for Southern Africa, the liberation struggle, Peter Katjavivi, mandatory arms embargo, France, the United Kingdom, triple veto, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs William Schaufele, Terrorism Act, Mushimba, South African Army, Shilongo, assassination of Ovambo Chief Minister Elifas, Miss Nghindondjwa, Justice Strydom, B. J. Vorster, Walvis Bay, the South West African Affairs Act, U.S. foreign policy, communism, support of the Portuguese colonial powers, the liberation movements in Africa, sanctions against Rhodesia, South Africa's position in Angola, Bantustans, the Constitutional Congress currently in progress, Turnhalle Conference, and economic resources. Participants list: Robert B. Boettcher (Subcommittee on International Organizations, House Committee on International Relations) ; Goler T. Butcher (White, Fine & Verville); Gwendolen M. Carter (Indiana University); William R. Cotter (The African-American Institute); Tulinane Emvula (Deputy Chief Representative from SWAPO to the United Nations); Reuben Hauwanga (SWAPO member and student, Susquehanna University); Howard A. Foard (St. Peter Lutheran Church and Board of Social Ministry, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Chicago, Illinois); Lewis M. Hoskins (Earlham College); William Johnston (Episcopal Churchmen for South Africa); Rollins E. Lambert (United States Catholic Conference); Elizabeth S. Landis, Esq. (Office of the United Nations Commissioner for Namibia); George N. Lindsay, Esq. (Wingspread Conference Chairman and Partner, Debevoise, Plimpton, Lyons and Gates); Frank S. Loescher (Coordinator of the Conference, The Johnson Foundation); Willis Logan (National Council of Churches); Sean MacBride (United Nations Commissioner for Namibia); Edward C. May (Lutheran Council in the U.S.A.); Richard J. Niebanck (Lutheran Church in America); T. Michael Peay (Southern Africa Project, Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law); David W. Preus (The American Lutheran Church); Barbara Rogers (United Nations Consultant); Hugh Smythe (Brooklyn College-CUNY); and Bill Sutherland (American Friends Service Committee). Conference observers: Jennifer Garvey (University of Wisconsin-Madison); Charles A. James (United States Department of State); JoAnne H. Kagiwada (University of California-Berkeley); and Charles Runyon, III (United States Department of State). 
Used by permission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Collection: Peter Weiss (Africa collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections