ACOA Steering Committee Meeting May 16, 1974

by American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
June 19, 1974
3 pages
Type: Meeting Minutes
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Europe, Portugal
Language: English
Contents: Present • 1. Rhodesian Sanctions Campaign • 3. The Coup in Portugal • 4. Finance Report • 5. Communication with Leslie Campbell • The minutes mention Richard (Dick) Leonard, H.R. 1868 Rhodesian sanctions bill and the House Foreign Affairs Committee (chaired by Rep. Thomas Morgan), the Washington Office on Africa (WOA), the Union Carbide stockholders meeting, the Black press, David Smallwood, the NY area NAACP, Ray Gould, continuing negotiations concerning Rhodesia, Bishop Muzorewa, the African National Council of Zimbabwe, Ian Smith, ZAPU, ZANU, a settlement that provided less that majority rule, the failure of the colonial wars, the new provisional government in Portugal headed by General António de Spínola, the armed forces movement of young officers, the fight for complete independence, the sudden visit of South African Admiral Biermann to the U.S., FRELIMO, recognition of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, negotiations with Organization of African Unity (OAU)-recognized movements in Mozambique and Angola, the colonial settler populations, non-interference by South Africa or Rhodesia, ACOA to meet with Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Donald Easum on several issues, Jay Jacobson, the New York African Liberation Support Committee, ACOA policy on supporting liberation movements, UNITA, the primacy of the MPLA, William Booth, Dorothy Hibbert, Janet Hooper, Elizabeth Landis, Tilden LeMelle, George Houser, and Jennifer Davis.
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa).
Collection: Peter Weiss papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections