Minutes, Executive Board Meeting, December 3, 1980

by American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
Undated, sometime after December 3, 1980 and the next Executive Board meeting in March 1981, most lilely February 1981
3 pages
Type: Meeting Minutes
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Canada
Language: English
Contents: Present • Regrets • Staff • Guests 3. Dumisani Kumalo reported on his recent speaking tour to over 15 campuses in all parts of the U.S., primarily related to the United Church of Christ, the convention of the American Lutheran Church where a major divestment struggle took place, and meeting with some groups in California concerning legislative initiatives. 4. Jennifer Davis reported on publications in progress, including a new issue of "Voices for Withdrawal," a summary pamphlet on US involvement in Namibia, a new fact sheet on South Africa, and forthcoming summary of Space Research Corporation arms sales to South Africa. 5. Gail Morlan reported a "victory" in the State and Local Legislative divestment campaign: a bill for bank withdrawals by the State of Michigan has passed both houses. 6. Tilden LeMelle, treasurer, asked for a more detailed financial report. 7. Peter Weiss reported for the Search Committee, which had received a staff memo on future directions. 8. George Houser discussed the situation in Guinea Bissau, where President Luis Cabral was ousted in a coup by a long-time PAIGC military leader, "Nino" Veieiro. 9. Christine Root reported on the Washington scene noting a “victory” in language adopted in a House-Senate conference which effectively maintains Congressional accounting called for in the former '"Clark amendment" prohibiting CIA intervention in Angola. 10. Elizabeth Landis reported on new developments in Namibia. 11. Richard Lapchick discussed developments concerning sport and apartheid, including calling off the tennis match in Bophuthatswana by convincing John McEnroe's father that it should not take place there. 12. The Board discussed the status of student anti-apartheid actions and received an update from Joshua Nessen, ACOA student coordinator. Paul Irish reported on progress on the tour of the U.S. and Canada by Thozamile Botha, exiled Port Elizabeth leader of the Ford strikes in South Africa; the tour includes more than 25 campuses, trade union and church meetings, and testifying before the US House of Representatives Sub-Committee on Africa. Richard Knight reported on the Fall promotional mailings. In Oregon, a divestment bill is being reintroduced and coalitions formed for its passage. The Board moved to send a letter to New York City Mayor Koch encouraging him to follow through with his letter to South African Prime Minister P.W. Botha and to withdraw city funds. The African National Congress recently filed a declaration with the International Red Cross accepting the Geneva conventions on prisoners of war. The minutes say also reported a success in the appeal to the second-ranked gymnastic team in the U.S. (The Parkettes of Allentown, PA) in disinviting a South African team from participating in their invitational meet on November 29; it was called to the Parkettes’ attention that the U.N. maintained a "black list" of athletes competing with South Africa. The minutes discuss the Finance Committee, The Africa Fund, the new chairs for the House and Senate Africa Subcommittees after the Reagan elections, Senators Helms and Hayakawa, Congressman Solarz, the Congressional Black Caucus, Chester Crocker of Georgetown University, the Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, the DTA (Democratic Turnhalle Alliance), SWAPO, the African National Congress (ANC), a pre-implementation conference, William Booth, Josephine Buck-Jones, Marvin Rich, Isabel Cintron, Edgar Lockwood, Michael Davis, William Johnston, Dorothy Hibbert, Timothy Smith, Edward May, Jerry Herman, Leonard Jeffries, Gay McDougall, Adelaide Schulkind, Alexander Boyer, and Jean Sindab.
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa).
Collection: Peter Weiss papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections