by The Africa Fund
New York, New York, United States
Winter 1975
10 pages
Contents:  WINTER 1975 LITERATURE LIST • The Africa Fund: Southern Africa Perspectives • Southern Africa: General • South Africa • Namibia • Zimbabwe • Angola • Mozambique • Guinea-Bissau • Supplementary Sheet • The 87 publications available from The Africa Fund include some published by other organizations, including the American Committee on Africa, Aktion Dritte Welt (Freiburg, West Germany), Penguin Books, Africa Today, the Corporate Information Center, the Angola Comité (Amsterdam), Friendship Press, the International Defence and Aid Fund, the United Nations, the World Council of Churches, The Africa Bureau (London), Christian Action Publications (London), the African National Congress (ANC), Africa Publications Trust (London), University of Denver Press, Minority Rights Group (London), LSM (Liberation Support Movement, Canada), the Africa National Council (London), the National Council of Churches, the Committee for the Liberation of Portugal's African Colonies (Toronto, Canada), Penguin Books (London), Committee for a Free Mozambique, Africa Research Group, and Committee for Freedom in Mozambique, Angola and Guiné. Authors include Jennifer Davis, Richard R. Fernandez, Eduardo de Sousa Ferreira, William Minter, Paul Irish, Tad Szulc, Ruth First, George M. Houser, Julien R. Friedman, M. J. Christie, A. Sachs, Rosalynde Ainslie, Hilda Bernstein, Mary Benson, Alex Hepple, Stanley Faulkner, Deep Ford, Barbara Rogers, Toivo Herman ja Toivo [often spelled Toivo ya Toivo], Randolph Vigne, Elizabeth Landis, Peter Fraenkel, Winifred Courtney, Vinna Ndadi, John Sprack, Mervyn Jones, Don Barnett, Richard W. Leonard, Janet Rae Mondlane, Amilcar Cabral, and Basil Davidson. The list includes information on six periodicals: ANTI-APARTHEID NEWS published in London by the Anti-Apartheid Movement, ANGOLA IN ARMS official organ of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, L S M NEWS a quarterly newsletter reporting on activities of the Liberation Support Movement, MOZAMBIQUE REVOLUTION the official organ of the Mozambique Liberation Front FRELIMO published in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, SECHABA the official organ of the African National Congress of South Africa, and SOUTHERN AFRICA magazine. The pamphlet mentions the United Nations Unit of Apartheid, FILMS FOR SOCIAL CHANGE, PEOPLES COMMUNICATION NETWORK, and TRICONTINENTAL FILM CENTER. 
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to The Africa Fund).
Collection: Peter Weiss (Africa collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections