Executive Board Meeting COMPOSITE STAFF REPORT November, 1961

by American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
November 13, 1961
3 pages
Contents:  ORGANIZATIONAL MATTERS • A. Three new executive staff • B. Committee meetings • C. Mailing list (14,852 names) • D. Union contract with the Community and Social Agency Employees Union, Local 1707 • PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES • A. Deportation case for Dr. Cassim M. Jadwat, an Indian from South Africa, appears to have lost. • B. Reception for Angie Brooks, Liberia's Assistant Secretary of State and Chairman of the Fourth Committee at the United Nations • C. Preliminary work with Robert Young, who made the film on Angola which was shown on the N.B.C. WHITE PAPER series • D. Cancellation of speaking tour for the Rev. Michael Scott • E. Policy statement on Angola has recieved 100 signatures. • F. Press conferences for leaders from Kenya Africa Democratic Union and from South Africa and South West Africa advocating sanctions against South Africa • G. Disbursements from the Africa Defense and Aid Fund (for South African refugees in Basutoland, aid the Algerian refugees, and Angolan refugees in the Congo) • H. Increase in literature orders • OFFICE VISITORS AND PERSONAL CONFERENCES • MISCELLANEOUS • A. The staff has attended and participated in radio broadcasts on station WLIB; African Studies Association; Unesco conference on Africa held in Boston; regional conference on Africa held at the University of Vermont The report mentions Collin Gonze (Editor), Hazel Gray (Projects Director), James Robinson (Assistant Executive Director for Fund-Raising), Deborah Kallen, the State Department, debate on South West Africa at the United Nations, Ismail Fortune, Vusumzi Make, Mary-Louise Hooper (West Coast representative of the Defense Fund), Malcolm McVeigh, Dr. Leslie Rubin, Violane Juno (University of Natal), the Honorable Jean Weregermera (Minister of Agriculture in Congo), Donald Emmerson (National Student Association), Dr. Ruth Sloane, the Honorable D.K. Chisiza (Malawi Congress Party of Nyasaland), P.M. Krishna (an Indian attorney), Chief Luthuli, Robert Young, Charles Dorkin, Dr. V.K. Kyaruzi from Tanganyika, Kariuki Njiir (Kenya Africa National Union), Prof. P.J. Idenburg (Leiden University), Dr. Arnold V. Kunst (Division of Non-Self-Governing Territories at the United Nations), Joseph N. Mubiru, Rev. Malcolm McVeigh, Rev. Melvin Blake, Rev. Theodore Tucker, Methodist Board of Missions, Africa Committee of the National Council of Churches, petitioners from South and South West Africa (including Vusumzi Make, Oliver Tambo, Marcus Kooper, Ismail Fortune, Jariretundu Kozonguizi, Zed Ngavirue, Jacob Kuhangua, and Mbururnba Kerina), Gracie Mansion, President Tubman, and President Abboud.
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa). 
Collection: Peter Weiss papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections