by American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
Undated, sometime after January 16, 1961
1 page
Type: Meeting Minutes
Coverage in Africa: South Africa, Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, United Kingdom, United Nations
Language: English
Contents: Present • Staff • 1. The minutes of the last meeting were accepted • 2. The Committee's U.N. voting record analysis was considered • 3. Plans for a conference in March • 4. Africa Freedom Day • 5. Cable from Vusumzi Make to Sheinman • The minutes discusses Dean Rusk, Senate and House committees, ACOA’s National Committee, organizations interested in Africa and international affairs, publicity, the transition period between administrations, NATO,  plans for a leadership conference, the General Assembly, A. Philip Randolph, George Houser, Stanley Levison, Hope Stevens, the Executive Director, Hunter College, Philip Kgosana, leader of the march on Cape Town, the South African United Front in London, a petitioner to the U.N., the Finance Committee, Hugh Smythe, Elizabeth Landis, Cleveland Robinson, Nelson Bengston, William Scheinman, John Murra, Dale Harrison, and Barbara Harrison. [Notes: Bowles is presumably Chester Bowles. Stevenson is presumably United States Ambassador to the United Nations Adlai Stevenson.]
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa). 
Collection: Peter Weiss (Africa collection), Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections