by American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
Undated, sometime after September 8, 1961
2 pages
Type: Meeting Minutes
Coverage in Africa: Angola, South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: Attendance • 1. Amendments to ACOA by-laws • 2. Attendance at Board meetings • 3. Appointment of Assistant Treasurer • 4. Signing of checks and drafts • 5. Angola Commission of Inquiry • 6. Sanctions against South Africa • 7. Finances • 7. • The minutes mention regular biweekly meetings of the  Steering Committee, members of the Board who have not attended three consecutive regular meetings, Nelson Bengston, Donald Harrington, George Houser, campaign for U.S. sanctions against South Africa, viewing party for Robert Young's film on Angola and publicizing its showing on NBC television, Peter Weiss, Elizabeth Landis, Frank Montero, John Murra, Hugh Smythe, Hope Stevens, and Suzanne Seidman.
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa). 
Collection: Peter Weiss papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections