SUBJ.: Perspectives on ACOA program

TO: Steering Committee members
by Staff, American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
May 17, 1962
4 pages
Contents: OUR GENERAL PERSPECTIVE • PROGRAM AREAS • 1. Concern with US Policy Toward Africa • 2. Activity in the United Nation • 3. Public Information Activities • 4. Defense and Aid Activities • SPECIFIC PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS FOR THE YEAR AHEAD • Major Items • 1. Emergency Relief to Angola • 2. Appeal for Action Against Apartheid • 3. Literature Program • 4. Working with Petitioners • Minor Items • 1. Africa Freedom Day, 1963 • 2. Speakers Program • Secondary Items • 1. Organization of an Afro-American Leadership Conference • 2. Setting up two regional conferences dealing with the crisis of southern Africa • 3. A Program of Hospitality for African Visitors • STAFF • 1. Executive Director • 2. Assistant Director • 3. Publications Director • 4. Projects Director • The memorandum says ACOA always has been oriented toward those areas of Africa that are not yet independent. The memorandum says the general perspective of our program should be sympathy for, and desire to help with, with the desires of African people for equality and independence.  Our purpose also includes working for a US policy that will reflect these concerns. The struggle ahead in South Africa, South West Africa, the Portuguese territories, and the Rhodesias will be very difficult; ACOA will also face time-consuming tasks. Achieving independence in those countries which are now sovereign in Africa has been relatively uncomplicated (with the exception of Algeria) compared with what is likely to occur in southern Africa. The memorandum discusses non-self-governing territories, the Congo crisis, AFRICA TODAY, pamphlets, the Africa Defense and Aid Fund, press conferences, public meetings, demonstrations, African visitors, Human Rights Day on December 10, Basil Davidson, fund-raising, and Emergency Relief to Angola (ERA).
Used by permission of Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa). 
Collection: Peter Weiss papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections