Annual Meeting of the Executive Board April 22, 1971

by American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
Undated, sometime after April 22, 1971
3 pages
Type: Meeting Minutes
Coverage outside Africa: United States, Portugal
Language: English
Contents: Attendance • 2. Staff Reports • a) ACOA literature • b) George Houser’s planned leave of absence to work on handbook on the liberation movements • c) Houser reported on invitations sent to Amilcar Cabral, Agostinqo Neto, and Oliver Tambo for a U.S. speaking tours next fall or winter. • d) Houser reported on annual meeting of the Africa Fund Trustees • 3. Election of Board Members • 4. Finance Report • 5. Chicago Report • 6. Washington Report •  a) Charles Hightower is working with a group of Congressional staff on the South African Sugar Quota. • b) Rep. Diggs will hold hearings on U.S. corporate involvement in Southern Africa. • c) American Airlines says it will stop carrying South African travel promotions in their material to avoid antagonizing their growing black American market. • d) Hightower reported difficulty getting information from the Department of Commerce on the licenses for proposed sale of two 707s to Portugal. • e) Washington Notes is delayed. • f) Hightower has been invited by the Zambian ambassador to visit Zambia. • 7. Projects • a) Gulf Oil stockholders meeting • b) Polaroid stockholder meeting • c) Episcopalian proxy resolution on the General Motors (GM) ballot calling for them to wind up their operations in South Africa • d) Janet Hooper reported on General Electric (G.E.) application to the Export-Import Bank to finance sale of $55 million in transformers for the Cabora Bassa Dam in Mozambique. • e) Hooper discusses plans for a new Fact Sheet on U.S. - South Africa military systems. • 8) Explore a fund-raising dinner • 9) Houser reported on the recommendations from the special Board meeting on ACOA policy and the liberation movements. • 10) Houser also brought up a suggestion that ACOA arrange a meeting with George Bush, the new U.S. ambassador to the U.N. • The minutes mention Tim Smith, Winifred Courtney, George Daniels, Jay Jacobson, Alan Kellock, Andrew Norman, David Robinson, Adelaide Schulkind, Richard Stevens, Robert Van Lierop, Peter Weiss, Lydia Williams, Dick Leonard, Liberation Support Movement (LSM), MPLA, the Polaroid Revolutionary Workers Movement, ARG (Africa Research Group), U.S. business in South Africa, PAIGC, Roderick Willis, student government at Lincoln University, Martin Mensch, Jennifer Davis, an ACOA Fact Sheet, Today, Polaroid in South Africa, Carol Bernstein, Frank Montero, Mason Sears, Gregory Harris, Dorothy Hibbert, Gail Morlan, Roderick Willis, Robert Browne, the Steering Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Finance Committee, the Personnel Committee, Jay Jacobson, Prexy Nesbitt, arrest at a Portugal-Poland soccer match, the Kennedy-Bingham Amendment to the Sugar Act, the House Agriculture Committee, the reallocation of the South African Sugar Quota to majority-ruled African countries, IBM, protests of a black stewardesses' group, the Freedom of Information Act, the Southern Africa Task Force of the United Presbyterian Church, Rev. Leon Sullivan, Secretary of State Rogers, Bell "Huey" helicopters, Beechcraft light planes, and the Cactus missile developed by France.
Used by permission Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa).
Collection: Peter Weiss papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections