Executive Board Meeting July 8, 1971

by American Committee on Africa
New York, New York, United States
Undated, sometime after July 8, 1971
4 pages
Contents: Attendance • 3. Staff Report (George Houser) • 4. Finance Report (Ben Peterson) • 5. Nominating Committee Report and Elections • 6. Amilcar Cabral • 7. Visit of Sahnoun of the O.A.U. • 8. Research Report (Jennifer Davis) • 9. Washington Report (Charles Hightower) • 10. Disengagement Issues • Prexy Nesbitt ended his work as ACOA's Chicago Representative to devote more time to his academic work. Houser discussed continuing work in Chicago with Eileen Hanson. She will send a proposal to ACOA to set up a storefront literature and information center with an emphasis on southern Africa; she would coordinate the storefront and do speaking for community and college groups. Janet Hooper is leaving after six years work with ACOA. Houser described Judge William Booth's interest in ACOA's work and his recent trip to South Africa to witness court bearings for Dean ffrench-Beytagh. Amilcar Cabral, President of the P.A.I.G.C. in Guinea-Bissau, will come to New York in September for the U.N. General Assembly session; it may be possible to set up some speaking engagements for him. Mohammed Sahnoun, Deputy Secretary of the O.A.U., is coming for the U.N. Security Council session on the International Court of Justice decision on Namibia; lawyers will meet with him about the Namibia case. Jennifer Davis reported that the research files are an increasingly important asset and are being increasingly used for research on southern African and the U.S. corporations operating there. Charles Hightower report that the battle against the South African Sugar Quota quota in the House was lost after the largest anti-apartheid vote ever (168-213); a vote in the Senate on a Kennedy Amendment to remove the quota is expected soon. Hightower met briefly with golfer Lee Elder, who was invited to play in South Africa by Gary Player. Blair Bolles of Crucible, Inc., a specialty steel producer, testified before the Senate Subcommittee on International Organizations and Movements about his laboratory's analysis of chrome imported from the Soviet Union. Dick Leonard reported on the Gulf Boycott meeting in Dayton, Ohio organized by a local group, the Gulf-Angola Committee of the Congregation for Reconciliation, and attended by about 15 people from church and student groups. The Boston NAACP is calling for an end to participation of South African athletes in Massachusetts sports events unless they repudiate apartheid; they plan protests at the Massachusetts Golf Classic and the Longwood Pro Tennis Tournament. Karen Whitmore reported on invitation to Aretha Franklin to South Africa to perform for black audiences only, reportedly extended by Chief Buthelezi during his visit to the U.S. The minutes mention Josiah Beeman, Robert Browne, Elsie Carrington, Winifred Courtney, Gregory Harris, Dorothy Hibbert, Dana Klotzle, Martin Mensch, Gail Morlan, Judith Ayres (visitor from the Presbyterian Task Force on Southern Africa), Karen Whitmore, Donald Harrington, A. Philip Randolph, Ogden Reid, Bella Abzug, and Charles Rangel, a Personnel Committee, Adelaide Schulkinde, Peter Weiss, a Washington Liaison Committee, Tim Smith, Joe Beeman, Lydia Williams, Jay Jacobson, George Daniels, Elizabeth Landis, Andrew Norman, Frederick Schwarz, Robert Van Lierop, David Robinson, Lew Carliner, Hope Stevens, David Jones, Frank Montero, William Scheinman, William Scott, Mason Sears, the Africa Fund, Ralph Abernathy, Julian Bond, Shirley Chisholm, Coretta King, Ronald Dellums, Ogden Reid, Bella Abzug, Charles Rangel, Judge William Booth, Robert Browne, PAIGC, the OAU (Organization of African Unity), Africa Today, Fact Sheets, the Black Caucus in Congress, Rhodesian chrome, the Polaroid experiment, GM (General Motors), wages for non-white workers, and sports and cultural issues.
Used by permission Africa Action (successor to the American Committee on Africa).
Collection: Peter Weiss papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections