by Black Workers Congress
February 1-2, 1975
3 pages
Type: Conference Presentation
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States, China
Language: English
Contents: INTRODUCTION • POLITICAL PERSPECTIVE • I. The stop the coal movement should be clearly seen in relation to worldwide imperialism in crisis • II. We must view the coal coalition in relation to our primary task of building a genuine communist party of a new type based on Marxism - Leninism - Mao-Tse-tung Thought • III. We propose the adoption of the ALSC strategy section which deals with trade union bureaucrats and the coal coalition as an inti-imperialist organization in a correct manner • IV. We welcome and seek the participation of trade unions, church and liberal groups, etc. • V. The Coal Coalition should adopt the following slogans to put forward in their campaign • This paper was distributed at the Conference to Stop South African Coal in Atlanta, Georgia held February 1 and 2, 1975. The conference presentation says the main blow should he directed against imperialism, and for the right of self-determination· for the South African majority; within this we should raise the right of all oppressed peoples to liberation and all oppressed nations to self-determination, especially the Black nation. The slogans proposed in the conference paper are: 1) STOP THE COAL. STOP U.S IMPERIALIST PLUNDER AT HOME AND ABROAD. 2) SELF-DETERMINATION FOR THE SOUTH AFRICAN MAJORITY. DISMANTLE THE RACIST SOUTH AFRICAN STATE. and 3) SELF-DETERMINATION FOR THE BLACK NATION. SELF-DETERMINATION FOR ALL OPPRESSED NATIONS. LIBERATION FOR ALL OPPRESSED PEOPLE. The document discusses the workers movement, the overthrow of United States imperialism, communist(s), Lenin, Stalin, oppressed nationalities, our communist movement, leading the masses to victory over imperialism, Marxism, a united front, the working class, ALSC (African Liberation Support Committee), the Chinese Revolution, the Coal Coalition, and STOP SOUTH AFRICAN COAL.  [Note: Mao Zedong is the common spelling of the name.]
Collection: Henry Lieberg collection, Michigan State University Library Special Collections