TO: CTC State and Regional Coordinators

by Jerry Herman, Call to Conscience Network
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Undated, May 1987?
Publisher: Call to Conscience Network
1 page
Type: Memorandum
Coverage in Africa: South Africa
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Memorandum presumable sent as a mailing. Memorandum to inform people that the National Steering Committee of the Call to Conscience Action Network did not decide to activate the network during the South African election period. The memorandum says there is the feeling that May 6th, the election day is probably the beginning of an intense period of struggle inside South Africa, which will reach its height on the anniversary of the SOWETO uprising on the 16th of June. The memorandum says there is every reason to believe that the network will be activated during this period. Herman urges people to take the time out to contact your state and local contacts (this should be done on some fairly regular basis anyway), and to work out how best to communicate the activation. Herman says you ought, also feed your sense of what form the activation ought to take and communicate that back to the National Steering Committee; at this point, I do not have a sense of what representatives to the National Steering Committee are thinking in relation to the kind of event that might activate the network or the form they might suggest that it take.  [Notes on the date: The May 6th elections in South Africa were in 1987. And Anson Chong of the Hawaii Committee for Africa sent a response dated May 23, 1987.]
Used by permission of Jerry Herman, a former member of the Call to Conscience Network.
Collection: Joel Fischer and Renee Furuyama papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections