by Avel Gordly, Call to Conscience Network
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
February 26, 1987
Publisher: Call to Conscience Network
12 pages
Type: Meeting Minutes
Coverage outside Africa: United States
Language: English
Contents: Summary of Decisions • NATIONAL AND REGIONAL REPORT • Regional Reports- Key Highlights • Africa Peace Tour • Spring Mobilization • Philadelphia Demonstration • Discussion: Why a Southern Africa Network? • Legislative Update • Minutes of the Call to Conscience Steering Committee meeting held in Washington, CD on January 17th and 19th, 1987. The minutes say Howard agreed to develop a statement for the National Steering Committee (NSC) regarding the Call to Conscience (CTC) participation and concerns about the April 25th mobilization; NSC wants to raise the issue of comprehensive and mandatory sanctions through the spring mobilization. The minutes say CTC endorsed local CTC action in Philadelphia planned for July 16th around the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution and joint session of Congress. The minutes say Jackie Wilson, WOA, will contact Regional Coordinators re: input on national legislation. The minutes say Kathy Flewellen agreed to put working paper in final form. The minutes say NSC agreed to delete "emergency response and action network" as descriptive phrase of CTC, and replace with "Nationwide Southern Africa Action Network"; all future publications will reflect this. The minutes say minutes of NSC meetings will be sent to State and Local Coordinators by the National Contact Person (NCP). The minutes say a one page bulletin will be developed from minutes and sent to constituency. The minutes say consensus: That we need to broaden the base of our constituency to include more Black people. The minutes say copies of Pledges received by Jerry (NCP) will be sent back to Regional Coordinators. The minutes say local groups should localize-their Pledge return information, i.e., keep pledges and count at local level. The minutes say a major National Conference to include a State Coordinators Conference will be held June 26, 27, and 28; Genna Rae will develop proposals for funding conference and for a national coordinator to maintain network. The minutes say 5,000 buttons will be ready by the end of February for distribution to Regional Coordinators. Poster will be ready by mid-February; Shako is coordinating. The minutes say fundraising resources should be shared with the NCP by mid-February for the first conference and then on-going. The minutes say each region is asked to develop thoughts on Education, Action and Networking and submit to NCP or Genna Rae; think in terms of benefits and measurable objectives. Ask State Coordinators how they could benefit from additional funding. The minutes say each NSC agenda will include discussions about state of Anti-Apartheid movement, what's happening in Regions, and interplay between Network and movement. The minutes discuss Jerry Herman, Adeyemi Bendele, Howard Hawkins, Bread and Roses Philadelphia, the Rainbow Coalition, the Green Party, PA, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Dr. Issac Richards, Atlanta, the T-shirt project. Winnie/Nelson Mandela, AFSC (American Friends Service Committee), the Black West Museum, the Ambassador of Mozambique, Randy Carter, the office/home of the honorary South African consulate, Oregon Fair Share, FOR, Clarence Lusane, the NOW convention, Jackie Wilson, the Washington Office on Africa (WOA), sanctions, an organizers manual, ACOA (American Committee on Africa), developing state and local coordinator, and Witness to Apartheid. [Notes: It is not known where there minutes were created. The meeting was in Washington, DC; Avel Gordly was based in Portland, Oregon; and the Call to Conference Network head office was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Issac Richards is presumable Isaac Richards.]
Used by permission of Jerry Herman, a former member of the Call to Conscience Network.
Collection: Joel Fischer and Renee Furuyama papers, Michigan State University Libraries Special Collections