Fight Racism and Home and Abroad-Make May 1 Anti-Apartheid Day

by Pan African Students Organization in the Americas, Youth Against War and Fascism
New York, New York, United States
About April 1976
Publisher: Youth Against War and Fascism, Pan African Students Organization in the Americas
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Leaflet advertising a May 1, May Day, rally at Herald Square and march to South African Airlines. The leaflet focuses on the SASO 9, the SWAPO 6 and the NUSAS 2. The leaflet says today in South Africa, Namibia (South West Africa), and Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) millions of Africans-young and old, men and women have been uprooted from their lands, herded into concentration camps, forced into low-paid, backbreaking work as virtual slaves in the gold and diamond mines. The leaflet says American-owned corporations, like General Motors (GM), Ford, Exxon, ITT, and First National City Bank rake in billions of dollars from the blood of the people in Southern Africa, and they want to keep it that way. The leaflet says the partial list of endorsers include African National Council (Zimbabwe), African Youth Movement, American Committee on Africa, Association of Vietnamese Patriots in the U.S., Vernon Bellecourt-American Indian Movement, Dan Berrigan, Center for United Labor Action, Rev. John Collins-N. Y. Council of the United Methodist Church, Committee for the Freedom of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Prisoners, Edward Davis-shop steward CWA, Bob Dorsey-Advisory Council Taxi Drivers Union Local 3036, Eritreans for Liberation, Carlos Feliciano, Friends of Haiti, Group of Khmer Residents in the U.S., Beverly Grant-singer, Harlem Consumer Education Council, Lennox Hines-Pres. National Conference of Black Lawyers, Mack Harris, Jr.-shop steward CWA, Bill Hoffman-author and journalist, Jim Houten-Harlem Fight Back, Iranian Students Assoc. (World Fed.), Bill Kaessinger-Executive Board member Teamsters Local 10, Florynce Kennedy-Coalition Against Racism and Sexism, Yuri Kochiyama-Nat'l Comm. for Defense of Political Prisoners, William Kunstler, Cheryl Labash-Vice Chair- woman Clerical Section Local 100 TWU, Mark Lane, Liberation Support Movement, Conrad Lynn, Kate May-shop steward CWA,  Mark Nelson-shop steward CWA, Imari Obadele-Pres. Provisional Govt. of Republic of New Africa, Pan African Congress of Azania (PAC), Peace and Equal Rights Committee (Red Bank, N.J.), Peoples Democratic Association, Larry Scott-shop steward CWA, Timor Defense Committee, Jay Schulman-Coordinator Nat'l Jury Project, SWAPO, Dennis Serette-Pres. N. Y.S. Coalition of Black Trade Unionists,  Joe Walker-journalist, United Black Workers, Forence Wright-shop steward CWA, Yonkers People for Peace.
Collection: Africa Action Archive