Southern Africa REPORT

(Vol. 12 No. 3)
by SAR Collective
with Chris Tapscot, Jacqui Salmond, Michael Stephen, Richard Saunders, Sara Rich, Iden Wetherell, Valerie Warmington, Melanie Samson, Dot Keet, SAR Editorial Working Group, Vicki R. Finke (photographer)
Toronto, Canada
June 1997
Publisher: Toronto Committee for Links between Southern Africa & Canada
36 pages
Contents: Editorial: Democracy, Strong or Thin • The Autocratic Temptation: Politics in Namibia Now by Chris Tapscot • Swaziland: • I-- Of Trade Unions & Transformation by Jacqui Salmond • II -- Of Kings & Compromises by Michael Stephen • The Press & Popular Organizations in Zimbabwe: A Frayed Alliance by Richard Saunders • The State of NGOs in Zimbabwe: Honeymoon Over? by Sara Rich • The Matabeleland Report: A Lot to Hide by Iden Wetherell •Banning Landmines: A Conference Report by Valerie Warmington • Neo-Liberalizing Skills: A Critique of the South African Green Paper by Melanie Samson • Rallying the Region: SA/EU Negotiations Continue by Dot Keet and the SAR Editorial Working Group  • NEWS FLASH, S.A. & E.U. DIFFER ON TRADE CONCESSIONS • NEWS FLASH, S.A. PROPOSES FUND FOR FREE TRADE FALLOUT • TWELVE YEARS OF SAR • The newsletter includes an unauthorized excerpts from "Breaking the Silence: Report on the 1980s Disturbances in Matabeleland and the Midlands," compiled by the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Zimbabwe, March 1997.
Used by permission of former members of the Southern Africa Report (SAR) Collective of the Toronto Committee for Links between Southern Africa & Canada (TCLSAC).
Collection: Private collection of William Minter